The second episode of this season feels like it’s a prelude to a bigger one where the combined forces of Jon, Dany, and their allies finally come face to face with the White Walkers and the Night King. Para siyang calm before the storm where we’re actually allowed to have moments of levity. Ngayon lang ata ulit ako natawa ng ilang beses sa episode ng Game of Thrones and that’s mostly because of Tormund Freakin’ Giantsbane. Bago pa tayo mag simulang pag-usapan yung ibang bagay, gusto ko munang i-acknowledge ang comedic genius na si Tormund. Seryoso laughtrip tong taong to sa episode na to.

After all this is done, I hope nobody says that Tormund’s head wasn’t in the game. Dahil a few hours away from their probable death, his mind is exactly where it should be:

Shoot your shot, Tormund!

At kung mamamatay na rin lang sila kinabukasan, ang importante ay:

Kung si Jaime Lannister ang karibal mo kailangan ilabas mo na yang mga ganyang linyahan.

Put yourself in his shoes. Go for gold ka na kung may chance na mamamatay ka na rin bukas di ba? Only in this case, yung gold na hinahabol mo ay si Brienne na kung magkamali ka ng tingin ay malamang hindi ka na abutan ng buhay ni Night King. But whatever floats your boat, Tormund.

Now let’s discuss the important things that happened in this episode shall we?

Winterfell’s Got Talent

Si Jaime yung groupmate mo sa thesis na hindi tumulong kaya nakayuko na lang sa presentation kasi baka tanungin ng panel.

Episode 2 starts off right where the season premiere ended and we find Jaime Lannister in front of Jon, Dany, and Sansa. Para siyang contestant ng Pilipinas Got Talent pero in this situation pag hindi nagustuhan ni Vice Ganda yung ginawa mo ipapapatay ka niya. Luckily for Jaime though, Brienne comes to his rescue and vouches for him. Sa totoo lang, we all knew nothing bad would happen to Jaime this early in the game. He’s much too important of a character para lang patayin in the first few minutes of episode 2. But what this sequence shows us is that the power struggle between Sansa and Dany is real and Tyrion’s influence is waning a bit.

Nakita niyo ba yung abrupt na pag alis ni Sansa? Taray di ba? Hindi mo kailangan maging expert sa royal decorum para makitang nag taray siya dun. Which tells me that Dany isn’t all that ruthless as people make her out to be kasi kung si Cersei yun malamang nagkaron ng sabunutan. And lest we forget, the man in front of her is the one responsible for her father’s death but she still managed to keep her cool somewhat.

Arya and Gendry Finally Swipe Right!

Hindi ko alam kung humahalik si Arya o nagbibigay ng mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

One of the most talked about moments this week has got to be Arya’s sex scene with Gendry. And although I’m happy for Arya na matitikman na niya ang luto ng diyos the night before she potentially meets her end, I got to say, it was a weird experience for me and probably for a lot of people as well. (Akala mo naman kasama tayo dun sa mismong sex e nakikinuod lang naman tayo.)

Maisie Williams is actually already 22 years old in real life so at least pwede tayong huminga ng maluwag na walang batas na nilabag ang HBO sa ginawa nila. Pero nung nagsimula ang Game of Thrones ilan taon lang ba si Arya? 10 years old siguro? We practically saw her grow up to be the character she currently is and now we’re witnessing her first sexual encounter. It’s like seeing your sister or any younger relative on the night she’s devirginized and that’s something you’d rather not be there for, right?

Ang hirap maniwala na ganyan lang itsura ni Arya nung nag simula tong lahat ng to. Parang pang Goin’ Bulilit imbis na Game of Thrones e.

We might be getting ahead of ourselves a little bit here but wouldn’t it be great kung may magbunga dito sa gabing pinagsaluhan ni Arya and Gendry? Kung sakaling walang matirang Targaryen at walang matirang Lannister, that’s a lineage that seems to have some legitimacy. Even in the afterlife, Robert finally gets what he wanted and this time it won’t involve any of Cersei’s incest children.


Brienne, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. Podrick, Westeros’ Songbird


Elsewhere in Winterfell, we find Jaime and Tyrion drinking around a fire and reminiscing about their asshole of a father. They’re eventually joined by other major characters who are currently not having sex with Gendry namely Brienne, Podrick, Davos, and Tormund and what commences is a drinking session by characters na hindi mo naimagine a couple of seasons ago na mag-iinuman kasama ang isa’t isa.

Elsewhere in Winterfell, nag-iinuman rin tong dalawang to. Pero kung ako ang tatanungin mo parang mas masaya dun sa kabilang inuman dahil mukha na silang miserable.

In this drinking session, nalaman natin na hindi lang “gifted” si Podrick aka “Ang Totoy Mola ng Seven Kingdoms”, magaling rin pala siya kumanta! But the highlight of this drinking session is Brienne being knighted by Jaime of course. In the world of Game of Thrones, no one deserves the honor more than Brienne and it’s really nice that the honor came from Jaime Lannister himself, a man he looks up to. You could argue na natulungan rin ni Brienne magbago si Jaime so it’s a nice to see everything come full circle.

Itsura nating lahat nung tinawag na “Ser Brienne of Tarth, Knight of the Seven Kingdoms” si Brienne.


Which leads me to my next point: as character arcs go, Jaime probably has one of the best ones in Game of Thrones. I’ve said this a number of times before but other than the fact that he’s blindly in love with his sister and he’s loyal to his family, ano bang kasalanan niya? Tinulak niya si Bran sa bintana? Well wouldn’t you do the same if you got caught having sex with a person you’re not supposed to have sex with and it jeopardizes not only yourself but the lives of your sister and her children? Sabi nga rin ni Bran he wouldn’t be the Three-Eyed Raven if it wasn’t for Jaime so I guess all of us should even say thank you, right? After this episode, I think it’s impossible for anyone to still hate him. Wala na atang mas dramatic na 180 degree turn sa buong Game of Thrones other than Jaime’s. Para siyang yung mga kontrabida sa wrestling na nag simulang kontrabida pero naging bida sa dulo. I would like to conclude this paragraph by saying na #TeamJaime ako mula Season 1 Episode 1 hanggang matapos tong palabas na to!

Jorah and Sam’s Moment

I hope you’re talking about your sword and not something else.


It’s easy to forget that once upon a time si Ser Jorah Mormont aka “DJ Khaleesi Please” ay mukhang isang malaking sugat na natuyo at nagkatawang tao.  Thankfully for him, binalatan siya ng buhay ni Samwell Tarly in an operation that can best be described using the words “unhygienic” and “tangina mukhang masakit”. Since Joer Mormont is almost like a father to Sam, pwede mo na rin sabihin na parang magkapatid si Jorah at si Sam di ba? So it’s nice to see them have this sort of mini reunion before the big battle comes as Sam gives Jorah his family sword.

“Tita Kita!”


The highlight of the episode of course is when Jon finally tells the Dany who his parents are. The whole episode we’ve seen Jon being distant and understandably so. Everyone who’s ever been a relationship can relate to what he’s going through right now. Alam mo yung kapag may kasalanan ka pero di mo masabi kasi alam mong magkakaron ng matinding away? Kaya pag kunwari niyakap ka ng misis mo magtutulug-tulugan ka na lang para di kayo mag-usap? Ganun si Jon sa episode na to e.

… and also your nephew kung may paki ka sa mga ganung bagay.

And judging by her reaction, she’s probably not too bothered by the fact that they’re related. As expected, she’s more bothered by the fact that Jon has more of a right to the throne than she does. When you’re this close to the Iron Throne, you don’t let minor inconveniences such as incest get in the way. Tanong niyo si Cersei! Walang ganyan ganyan! Kung kailangang mag imbento ng fake baby, mag iimbento tayo ng fake baby! Walang sinabi si Yam Concepcion sa “Halik” kay Cersei pag dating sa mga ganyan!

But I like how this episode shows the different sides of Daenerys Targaryen. Earlier in the episode, we see Dany trying to get into Sansa’s good graces. She tells Sansa that she’s in love with Jon and if anyone’s being manipulated, it’s actually her. But when Sansa asks what happens after the war, hindi siya maka-commit that she’ll let the North be free for Jon and/or Sansa to rule. So gusto ko na nakikita natin yung conflict within her: The ambitious side who believes that her destiny is to sit on the Iron Throne, and the more human side that falls in love just like anyone else. Ang tanong: will that love for Jon be enough for her to let go of her ambitions or is this the beginning of the end for the two of them?

Intimate conversations have long been one of the show’s strong suits that’s why it was always fun to see Tyrion and Cersei share scenes during the early seasons. It came back in a big way in this episode but the one conversation that we didn’t get to see more of was the one between Tyrion and Bran. Ano kayang pinag-usapan nila? Was there anything meaningful about it? May sinabi kaya si Bran na importante kay Tyrion? In any case, what this episode makes me believe even further is that na marami talaga sa mga characters na to ang mamamatay na in the next episode. Para silang binigyan ng one last chance to endear themselves to us by showing their more charming side para pag namatay sila mas masakit.

So pasensya na dun sa mga umaasang makita yung pangarap ni Greyworm at Missandei na titira sila sa beach kasi mukhang hindi mangyayari yun. You know why?

Because the dead are here.

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