Congratulations, ladies and gentlemen, we’re finally at the moment we’ve all been waiting for for the last 595 days. Akala natin hindi natin kakayanin! May mga araw na gusto ko na talagang sumuko sa totoo lang pero pinapaalala ko lang sa sarili ko na babalik rin si Jon Snow at Daenerys sa mga buhay natin balang araw at malalaman nilang mag-tiyahin sila at matinding sipilyo ang gagawin nila pag naalala nilang nag sex nga pala sila.” That day has finally come.

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Habang patagal ng patagal lalong paasim ng paasim ang expression sa mukha ni Cersei

I’ve been writing about movies professionally and as a hobby since 2016 and I have to say, nothing comes close to the devotion fans have for Game of Thrones, not even superhero movies. Movie reviews are fun, but analyzing Game of Thrones episodes are a passion for a lot of people. I’ve constantly received messages for the last year and half from people who can’t wait for season 8. And as a fan of the series, I’m happy that we’re finally here and I’m back to writing weekly reviews for the biggest show in television history. We’ve never had anything like it nor do I think that we’ll ever have one again in the near future.

We have six episodes left before we come to a conclusion and in true Game of Thrones fashion, I expect every episode to be bigger than the previous one. Let’s enjoy the next month and a half, shall we? Like always this post is dark and full of spoilers so only proceed if you’ve seen the latest episode. 

Just like before, the first episode of the season serves as a refresher to remind us where all the characters are since we last saw them. It’s kind of funny how even in it’s eighth season, Game of Thrones is still doing setups for future episodes. Pero in a way okay lang rin kasi 2 years is a hell of a long time and most fans kinda need the refresher anyway. This episode is all about reunions and it had it in all sorts. We have families and exes reuniting, friends seeing each other for the first time in a long time, and foes who haven’t shared a scene since the first season finally meeting face to face. The best way to tackle the first episode is to discuss these reunions one by one.

The Starks Are Finally Reunited

The Stark family is once again complete… but probably not for long.

Jon and Dany finally arrive in Winterfell to a cold reception from the Northerners. Aside from being averse to foreign rule, tingin ko hindi rin sanay makakita yung predominantly white Northern population ng mga morenong tao. And if that wasn’t enough, Dany’s two surviving dragons immediately swoop in to announce their entrance. Now imagine you’re a Northerner who’s never seen a dragon before let alone a shirtless bearded Dothraki. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you shit your pants at ilang palit ng diaper ang kailangan mo? Everyone’s going to be tense to say the least.

We finally see the surviving Stark kids reunited but it’s not all sunshine and butterflies. (Is there anything like that when it comes to the Starks? The whole Game of Thrones story actually revolves around their familial tragedy.) Jon’s seeing Arya and Bran for the first time in a long time and although Jon is arguably closer to Arya than to Bran, it was the Bran reunion that was a bit more emotional for me despite Bran doing his usualThird-Eye Raven act. Medyo killjoy to si Bran e isipin mo yayakapin mo yung kapatid mong lumpo na matagal mo nang hindi nakikita only to be greeted by his non-chalance and weirdness. Sarap kutusan diba?

Cersei and Euron, FUBUs

Is this the look of a woman who’s been sexually satisfied? No. It’s a look of a woman who didn’t get her elephants.

Back in King’s Landing, Euron has arrived with 20,000 men and 2,000 horses much to Cersei’s dismay kasi wala siyang inuwing elepante. Para tong yung misis mong naglilihi na hindi masaya na nag uwi ka ng crispy pata at pancit kasi hindi ka nag uwi ng sundot kulangot galing Baguio. Euron convinces Cersei to let him have sex with her and it honestly didn’t take too much convincing on his part. Which could only mean that this is all part of Cersei’s plan to begin with because we’re not even sure that she’s actually pregnant with Jaime’s child.

Game of Thrones has been famous for its sex scenes but this might be the one time that we were better off not seeing these characters actually do the deed. Did you see how uninterested Cersei was about the whole thing? The only thing she said after they had sex was “I wanted those elephants.” If that’s the only thing you can’t think of after sex, then the sex probably wasn’t that great. It would have easily been the worst sex scene in the series and that’s counting the scene where people commit incest on a regular basis. (Remember Theon and her sister on that horseride back in the Iron Islands? I know you do.) Thankfully, we’ll never get to see that happen.

Sansa and Tyrion, Exes and Whys

One question that might be answered this season: Targaryen ba si Tyrion?

Another reunion came in the form of Sansa who is now lady of Winterfell and Tyrion who is now the Hand of the Queen. The last time they saw each other was when Joffrey died and I guess we can all agree na para tayong nag celebrate ng mga birthday natin ng sabay sabay nung araw na yun. These two has always had an uneasy alliance but I think the respect has always been there. But what’s interesting to see in this sequence is that out of all of them, it seems like it’s only Sansa who’s smart enough not to trust Cersei. It shows great character development that from being one of the weakest characters in the series, she’s now the most prudent and cunning. As for Tyrion, he’s been relegated as a background character in the last couple of seasons but expect to see him play a more integral role in the coming episodes.

Jon and Sam, Men of the Black

This is the look of a man who just realized that he slept with his aunt. Not once, but many many times.

The big reveal in this episode is Jon finally finding out that his true parentage salamat sa tropa niyang si Samwell Tarly. It’s something that we the viewers have known for a long time and if I’m being honest, the reveal felt a bit anti-climactic. But Jon certainly took it as well as anyone could have. It probably helped a lot that it was Sam, his bestfriend that broke the news. It’s never a good thing to find out that you just committed incest especially when you’re so infatuated with this person that you spent the whole afternoon riding a dragon while singing “A Whole New World” in your head. But it really should have already served as a hint that he was a Targaryen because he’s the only person aside from Dany who’s able to ride a dragon. Hindi ba siya nagtaka kung paano niya nagawa yun?

Sige Jon, enjoyin mo lang yan. Ipikit mo ang mga mata mo at ulit ulitin mo sa sarili mo na “hindi ko siya tita, hindi ko siya tita, hindi ko siya tita…”

But what does this revelation imply for the rest of the story? I think it’s pretty clear that what the show is trying to telegraph to the viewers is that a major conflict is coming where Jon has to choose between his sisters and Dany and that Jon and Dany won’t be too enamored with each other all throughout. In an ideal world, the two of them ruling together would be the most logical solution to bring peace to the Seven Kingdoms. But this isn’t an ideal world, it’s Westeros. And the show has been trying to tell us since episode one is that even in this world, incest is bad that’s why Jaime and Cersei were so effective as “villains” back then. So it would definitely be surprising if they turned away from that message all of a sudden.

Jaime and Bran, Two Old Friends

Ang dami nang nangyari sa Game of Thrones in the last 7 seasons that’s easy to forget what actually caused all this trouble to begin with. Kung nakalimutan mo na, eto yung exact moment na yun:

Laging tatandaan na nag simula ang battle for the Iron Throne dahil nahuli si Bran na namboboso. Ang lesson ng Game of Thrones? Wag mamboboso.

We’ve seen other reunions and conversations take place during this episode, and in most of those major conversations we see Bran in the courtyard quietly observing na parang human version ng CCTV na nakaupo sa wheelchair but never saying a word the whole time. When Sam asks him about this, he says that he’s “waiting for an old friend” which as it turns out would mean Jaime freakin’ Lannister. Which raises the following questions: ilang araw na ba siyang naghihintay sa courtyard? Kasi nag-uusap palang si Sansa at Tyrion andun na siya e. At kung talagang Third-Eye Raven siya, hindi ba niya kayang sabihin kung kelan dadating si Jaime para hindi siya nakaupo lang dun the whole time? But more importantly, if he does know how all of these play out, bakit wala pang humawak sa magkabilang balikat niya para alugin siya at sabihing “BRAN, PAANO BA TAYO HINDI MAMAMATAY LAHAT?!?”

Baka alam rin ni Bran kung paano tatalunin ng Avengers si Thanos. Bran, sabihin mo na!

As Game of Thrones episodes go, the premiere was relatively quiet although it’s compensated by having major plot developments that will have a huge impact to the rest of the story. What this episode is most effective in doing is to raise these questions that audiences will want answers for in the weeks to come. By the end of the first episode, the intrigue and anticipation has only grown further. The best way to look like an idiot when talking about Game of Thrones is to make predictions because the show never goes the way you think it will. But since I get asked this question a lot, here are my predictions on how the rest of the season plays out. Wag niyo kong awayin pag hindi nagkatotoo ah:

  1. No major character dies until Episode 3 or 4. And when I say major, it’s anyone who you know by name and don’t refer to as: “Yung ano, yung lalakeng may balbas na lumabas na dati na taga Winterfell na pinsan daw ni Sansa.” But my guess is that Thormund and Beric would be the first major casualties this season.
  2. If Jon has to choose between Daenerys and his sisters, I think he chooses his sisters. I don’t think he’s that deeply in love with Dany yet and if we know anything about him, it’s that he always chooses to the right thing rather than follow his heart. Which leads me to the next prediction…
  3. Jon Snow dies. He’s like the Captain America of this group in the sense that he’s all about sacrifice in order to achieve the greater good. Tingin ko he’ll do something extremely heroic that will save the Seven Kingdoms from the Night King. Besides, hindi naman na siya dapat buhay to begin with di ba? Bonus na lang tong buhay niya ngayon e.
  4. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that Arya will be the last major character left standing. Siyempre dun ka na sa taong kayang magpalit ng mukha at parang ninja ng Westeros diba?
  5. Jaime will kill (or at least try to kill) Cersei especially when he finds out that he’s not really pregnant with his child. In connection with that…
  6. I think Cersei will be the last major character to die and he’ll either die by Jaime’s hand, or by Arya pretending to be Jaime. I think this ends with her being complacent and feeling like she won, only to meet an unexpected end. By doing so, Arya fulfills the prophecy that Cersei will be killed by her brother and she’s able to cross her out of her kill list.
  7. The Iron Throne ends with no clear ruler. Kung meron man, it will be someone we least expect and will come from one of these names ranked from the most to the least likely: Tyrion, The Night King, Jaime, Arya, Varys, Davos.


But I guess we’ll all just find out at the same time won’t we? Welcome back to Westeros, boys and girls. Winter is here.


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