RATING: 8 out of 10

40 years after the release of the first “Halloween” movie comes.. uhh.. “Halloween”. The film brings back Jamie Lee Curtis as the lead as she’s once again being hunted by deranged serial-killer Michael Myers (not to be confused with the comedian who plays Austin Powers). “Halloween” is a fantastic throwback to the much-beloved slasher films of the past. It’s exciting, thrilling, and best seen in a theater packed-full of people kasi mas masayang manuod pag may tumitili sa paligid mo kahit may pusa lang na nakabasag ng paso.


The film brings back Michael Myers, the grand daddy of onscreen serial killers. The great thing about the character is that he’s as effective as he was 40 years ago. Walang binago sa look niya halos pero nakakatakot pa rin siya tuwing may hawak siyang mahabang kutsilyo at may hinahabol na babae sa loob ng bahay. Goes to show that iconic characters remain effective even 40 years later if presented correctly.

Although it’s set in the present, the look and feel of the movie is vintage. Para siyang Stranger Things na madugo at hindi pa-cute. Nakakaaliw isipin na kung ano yung tumakot sa mga nanay at tatay niyo nung 1978, yun pa rin ang tatakot sayo ngayon. The movie won’t give you nightmares pero kung tinatamad ka mag workout, it’s a great way to keep your heart racing for 2 hours.
Photos courtesy of United International Pictures

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