RATING: 7.5 out of 10

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a hard movie to review because although it’s very enjoyable, it’s also a bit of a mess. It’s bookended by two great set pieces right at the start and at the end, but the middle part can get clunky. Will I watch it again though? Absolutely. Naguguluhan ka ba? Let me explain.

FAN2 29.jpg

One of my issues with the film is that with all the character storylines, the storytelling can get quite messy. Parang patalon-talon siya from one character to another so it’s hard for it to build a momentum or gain traction. And since it’s the 2nd movie of a scheduled 5-story arc, it mostly serves to set up the future films.

But “Fantastic Beasts” concludes in a tremendous fashion that forces you to forgive it for having an annoyingly convoluted plot and makes you excited for the next chapter. It probably has one of the best reveals in all of the Harry Potter universe and don’t let me or anyone spoil it for you.

FAN2 12.jpg

Probably the thing that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter does the best is world-building and “Fantastic Beasts” is no different. It really immerses you into that world and sticks true to its lore. Ang daming connection ng “Fantastic Beasts” series sa “Harry Potter” na magpapakilig sa hardcore fans. The more eagle-eyed among you will probably spot a lot of easter eggs and references.

But what I like about the movie the most are the visuals and I can’t stress that enough. Every once in a while I get questions from people asking if a certain movie is worth seeing in 3D or IMAX. And more often than not ang sagot ko, oo mas maganda sa IMAX pero di naman talaga kailangan. This movie is different because out of all the films I’ve seen in the last couple of years, it’s probably the one that uses the 3D medium most effectively and that alone is reason enough for you to see it. I seriously doubt that you’ll watch a better-looking film than “Fantastic Beasts” this year.


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