RATING: 8 out of 10

Sa mga naka-miss kay Robb Stark sa Game of Thrones (sumalangit nawa ang kuya ni Sansa at Arya), you’d be glad to know that Richard Madden has a new show on Netflix called “Bodyguard”. Hindi to remake nung pelikula ni Kevin Costner at Whitney Houston ah iba to!

In this 6-episode series, Richard Madden plays David Budd, a police officer who valiantly prevents a terror attack in London. Dahil sa pinakita niyang katapangan na parang pang Cardo Dalisay, he’s asked to be the bodyguard of a high-ranking British politician with a lot of enemies so it’s not really the easiest job in the world. Isa pa, may mental health issues si David dahil sa past trauma when he was a soldier.


I won’t tell you how the rest of the story goes to avoid spoiling it for you but I will tell you this, “Bodyguard” can get absolutely tense at times. Normally sa mga TV series mabagal yung simula di ba? Pero eto 15 minutes pa lang ng first episode nakaka-nerbyos na.

But because it’s a political thriller, the plot can get quite convoluted. But trust that everything that’s going on ties up quite nicely in the end. The final episode is quite intense. And the best thing about it? 6 episodes lang siya kaya may oras ka pang maglaba!


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