8 out of 10

Written, directed, and starring Bradley Cooper, the movie tells the story of how an aging and alcoholic rockstar Jackson Maine discovers Ally (Lady Gaga), an aspiring singer slash waitress. They fall in love, she rises to super stardom, while he sinks deeper into his addictions.


Yung kwento ng pelikula itself is nothing you haven’t seen before. In fact, A Star is Born is actually a remake of a 1976 movie of the same name which in turn is also a remake of a 1937 movie. But it’s really the performances that make this movie special.

Malamang kilala niyo naman si Lady Gaga as the pop superstar with weird outfit choices (may isang beses na literal nakadamit siya na parang gamit na tampon sa MTV Music Awards). I don’t personally like her music but you’d have to be crazy not to acknowledge her singing talent which is in full display in this film. And she’s surprisingly a pretty good actress. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that she can win Oscar, but she could be nominated.

But for me, it’s really Bradley Cooper who shines in this film. Kung kailangan mo ng further proof na unfair ang buhay, the guy has the vocal skills to play a country rockstar convincingly aside from the obvious fact na gwapo siya (Google niyo sino girlfriend niya) at magaling siyang artista. Higit sa lahat, siya pa si Rocket Raccoon! With his performance in this film, I think he’s a strong contender to win an Oscar for Best Actor this year.

Is the movie good enough to win Best Picture? I doubt that it’s the best movie we’ll see this year but it’s good enough to be nominated. Although it’s a bit overlong, it effectively explores themes of superstardom, insecurity, and addiction. Pero ang sigurado, panalo to sa Best Song/Musical Score.


A Star Is Born is now showing in cinemas.

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