RATING: 6.5/10

Before anything else, let it be said that Venom is not as bad as Rotten Tomatoes would have you believe. Action-packed, fast-paced, and funny, it’s actually a very entertaining and enjoyable film overall. Masama lang ba gising nung mga critics na nag review ng Venom kaya pangit na pangit sila? Hindi ko na alam.

However, it does have its flaws. May mga parts about the plot that doesn’t really make much sense, may mga parts na honestly medyo corny, but it doesn’t really ruin the film for me.


But one of the weird things about the movie is how Tom Hardy both makes and breaks the movie. He makes the movie so much better than it should be because he’s such a great actor, pero maraming times rin na naiisip ko siguro mas okay kung ibang artista na lang yung gumanap as Eddie Brock. May tendency kasi si Tom Hardy to overdo things e. Alam mo yung acting ni George Estregan Jr. minsan pag nagpapaka-baliw siya? May ganun si Tom Hardy dito that can sometimes make you cringe.

Venom has a similar style as that of the superhero movies from the early 2000s so if you like the formula of your standard Marvel movies, baka hindi mo magustuhan to. For the record, Venom is set in its own cinematic universe at kung may relation man siya sa MCU, di pa natin alam. Pero I think the film is different and entertaining enough for you to go and check it out despite the bad reviews.

P.S. may dalawang post credits scene yung movie na worth it hintayin at magpigil ng ihi.

“Venom” is now out in cinemas in the Philippines.

All photos courtesy of Columbia Pictures

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