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4 Robert Downey Heads

(Spoilers ahead so walang sisihan ah! Read at your own risk!)

We finally know what Ant-Man was up to while Thanos was laying the smack down on the Avengers and I’m sorry to tell you guys but he’s not out there partying with Hawkeye.

Anong nalaman natin sa movie? Ang number one nemesis ni Ant-Man ay kalapati.

Here to satisfy your fix for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Ant-Man and the Wasp which follows on the heels of the biggest of Marvel movie thus far. But just like its predecessor, Ant-Man and the Wasp has that unique brand of comedy and a scale that sets it apart from the MCU. The movie definitely lives up to the adage that good things come in small packages.

How my wife looks at me when I gawk at Solenn Heussaff’s billboards along C-5.

The movie takes place after the events of Civil War. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) finds himself on house arrest for helping out Captain America and has to fill his days with mindless activities to pass the time.

But when Hope (Evangeline Lilly) and Hank (Michael Douglas) shows up in his house and ask for help in saving Janet Van Dyne who is lost in the quantum realm, Scott has no choice but to put on the Ant-Man suit once again and risk being jailed for life.

Para siyang modern day na Shaider ang pulis pangkalawakan.

Making things difficult for them is that a syndicate boss Sonny Burch (Walton Goggins) and a mysterious entity who goes by the name of “Ghost” (Hannah John-Kamen) is in pursuit of their lab for motivations for their own.

Like the first Ant-Man movie, the stakes in this movie are smaller compared to the other Marvel films. And if you’re coming on the heels of Infinity War, that’s actually refreshing.

Have to admit, The Wasp is so much more badass than Ant-Man. Right?!

Isipin mo pag kumain ka sa Chinese restaurant ng maraming pagkain tapos may umorder ng buchi sa dulo. E busog ka na kaso ang sarap nun e! Yung Infinity War yung sandamakmak na pagkaing kinain mo at yung Ant-Man and the Wasp yung buchi sa dulo. It doesn’t feel essential, but it’s still pretty darn good. Walang “end of the world” scenario dito like in Infinity War. Instead you have fallible heroes going toe-to-toe with villains that are formidable yet equally fallible as well.

But that’s also one of the minor drawbacks of the film for me. The film is funny, there’s no question about it. It’s own brand of comedy sets it apart from the other Marvel films and that’s mostly because of Paul Rudd. He’s your perfect “average guy” superhero. He’s literally just a guy in a suit. He’s charming and comes off as a nice guy; like someone you wouldn’t mind hanging out with and won’t be intimidated by. That scene where he’s “possessed” by Michelle Pfeiffer is the perfect example of that. Can you imagine doing the same scene with Chris Hemsworth? Ang awkward nun diba?!

(Speaking of Michelle Pfeiffer, can we talk about how she survived living 30 years in the quantum realm?! Anong kinain niya? Yung mga weird looking microscopic bears? Does time and metabolism work differently on that level? And more importantly, bakit ayos na ayos yung make up niya paglabas niya ng quantum realm?!)

Si Junemar Fajardo sa EDSA.

But in the movie’s attempt to portray him like that, he sometimes comes off as a bit of a buffoon as well. He’s supposed to have a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering but he doesn’t act like he does. He makes amateurish mistakes (like calling Luis and telling him their current location which he in turn divulges to the villains) that furthers the plot along but doesn’t seem entirely plausible.

That whole interrogation sequence with Luis was funny as hell but it reminds me of those old school Vic Sotto movies from the 90s. Yung biglang dadating sila Romy Diaz or Max Alvarado para bugbugin si Pipoy at Richie D’Horsie para aminin nila kung nasaan si Vic Sotto at Cynthia Luster. It’s funny, but it’s also formulaic.

Si Junemar Fajardo sa Manila Bay. Mahirap mag-isip ng caption don’t judge me.

Despite its flaws, Antman and the Wasp remains as one of the funniest and most entertaining movies in the MCU. It also delivers one of the best mid-credits scene in the whole Marvel Universe. We finally know what Ant-Man was doing during the events of Infinity War but it doesn’t really answer why he wasn’t there. Siguro naisip niya na kung sila Captain America walang binatbat kay Thanos, ano kayang silbi niya?

But when you think about it, mas mabuting wala siya sa Infinity War kasi baka mas mabilis natapos yung movie. I mean sure, Thanos is a big guy at ginulpi niya si Hulk pero hindi ba possible yung scenario na magpapalaki si Antman to 65 feet, dadakutin niya si Thanos na parang action figure tapos kukurutin pahubad yung Infinity Gauntlet? Nag mukha siyang yung laruan na Grimace na nakukuha mo sa Happy Meal di ba?

ANT-MAN AND THE WASP is now out in cinemas.

All photos courtesy of Marvel Studios.

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