RATING: 3.5 out of 5

3.5 Robert Downey Heads

Warning: spoilers ahead.

“Deadpool 2”, the sequel to the 2016 surprise-hit brings back Ryan Reynolds as everyone’s favorite Merc with a Mouth. In the movie, Deadpool has to save Russell, a hot-tempered young mutant from a time-travelling warrior by the name of Cable (Josh Brolin).

Kung taong bakal si Colossus ibig ba sabihin pwede siyang bilugin na parang kulangot ni Magneto?

Russell, despite being all cute and chubby in his teenage years, turns out to be a hardened killer in the future so Cable travels back in time to kill him in order to prevent the deaths of innocents. Deadpool, believing that there’s still a way to save Russell from going down that path tries to stop Cable while dishing out dick and fart jokes in the process.

Not only is “Deadpool 2” obviously less serious than other superhero films, the stakes are lower and the scale is much smaller. There’s no end of the world scenario here and after seeing a movie like “Avengers: Infinity War” that ends quite dramatically, “Deadpool 2” is a pretty good way to cleanse the palate.

What’s great about the movie is that like the first installment, it doesn’t take itself seriously. Like, at all. Sobrang hindi. If the first movie was subversive and self-aware and all sorts of meta, the sequel doubles down on that. The movie takes shots at the superhero genre as a whole and doesn’t hold back. Lahat naman tayo nakikita si Thanos pag nakikita natin si Josh Brolin di ba? Well ganun rin si Deadpool and he makes a point to joke about it. Nagtaka ka na ba kung anong feeling na pisilin yung pwet ni Colossus? Hindi? Well Deadpool demonstrates it to us anyway.

Hindi niyo lang makita pero andyan si Vanisher sa picture na yan somewhere.

More than a superhero film, there’s no denying that “Deadpool 2” is really more of a comedy with it’s rapid-fire of quips and jokes. Some jokes are laugh-out loud funny (para sakin the best yung post credits scene) while others will probably make you groan and roll your eyes. But with the number of jokes the movie dishes out, a lot of them are bound to land no matter what the audience’s sensibilities are.

Like in the first film, Ryan Reynolds is still perfect as Deadpool. I sometimes forget where Ryan Reynolds ends and where Deadpool begins kasi parehas yung humor nila e. Aside from Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, I don’t think there’s a better marriage between a role and an actor in a superhero film. It might be one of the reasons why despite all of his other onscreen failures, it’s the Deadpool franchise that endures for Ryan Reynolds. He’s basically playing himself in this one.

Thanos na Cable pa?! Josh Brolin is literally the most bad-ass person in the universe right now.

On the other end of the spectrum is Josh Brolin as Cable. I have only a modest knowledge of how the Deadpool comics go so when I heard that they were going to feature Cable in the sequel, I wondered how that would work. Ang seryoso ni Cable e! Ang kengkoy ni Deadpool! Paano yun?! But onscreen the dichotomy works beautifully. Cable, despite being mean and stone-faced has a few funny moments as well but doesn’t go against the nature of his character. Josh Brolin looks and acts the part perfectly and I’m convinced that if there’s a role wherein someone feels strongly about murder, whether it’s that of a chubby teenage boy or half the inhabitants of the universe, Josh Brolin is the man for the job.

If you saw the first Deadpool film and decided that it’s not for you, there’s nothing about the sequel that will change your mind. But if you loved the first film, you’ll definitely enjoy “Deadpool 2” because it delivers the same brand of humor and action that the character has become famous for. There are a lot of cameos and easter eggs for comic book fans to enjoy. My personal favorite was the surprise appearance of Juggernaut as one of the villains. Ang pangit ng portrayal nila kay Juggernaut sa dating X-Men movies e! Now they finally get it right. I wasn’t expecting Colossus to stick an electric rod up his ass but I’ll take what I can get.

The tandem surprisingly works and I wouldn’t mind seeing them together for future installments.

The plot is thinner in this film compared to the first one but I wouldn’t really consider that to be a negative. I like how the movie shifts in tone every once in a while when it muses about death and losing a loved one but never to the point that the tonal shift gets jarring. That’s something that I was pleasantly surprised about with the movie.

Some of the jokes get tiresome after a while so your appreciation of the film greatly depends on your appetite for its sort of humor. But what I’ve come to realize about the Deadpool franchise is that it’s not really meant to be funny all the time. It’s meant to be fun and refreshingly different. And to be fair, it really is. The franchise succeeds because it gives audiences a break from superhero movies who try to pander to younger audiences like the MCU or those that try to be dark and brooding to cater to more mature viewers like the DCEU. Deadpool strikes a balance between the two because the movies are fun yet mature.

I’m not quite sure how much longer the Deadpool franchise can sustain that kind of style moving forward without the formula going stale. But as long as audiences like myself are still laughing it up in the cinemas, hopefully the franchise lives on if only to give us variety.

DEADPOOL 2 is now showing cinemas!

All photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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