RATING: 3.5 out of 5

3.5 Robert Downey Heads

“Annabelle: Creation” tells the story of how everyone’s favorite homicidal doll got a start in the business (of violently murdering people).  Several years after the tragic death of their daughter, a doll maker and his wife welcome a nun and six girls from a defunct orphanage into their home. The spirit of their deceased daughter comes back and inhabits one of the the dolls in the house, which we now know as the infamous Annabelle. (Siyempre sa dinami-dami ng manika na ginawa nung doll maker ang pipiliin niya talaga yung manikang mukhang demonyo di ba? In the first place bakit ba siya gumawa ng manikang ganyan ang itsura?! Sinong gagong magulang ang magbibigay niyan sa anak niya?!)

Hindi ka ba pwedeng gumawa ng manikang parang si Barbie na lang kailangan talaga yung mukhang magnanakaw ng kaluluwa?!

As a horror movie, “Annabelle: Creation” is very effective. A lot of horror movies rely on jump scares; yung nanggugulat lang. While there quite a few that are more cerebral; nakakatakot siya kasi tumatakbo yung imagination mo at kung ano ano ang naiisip ng audience. This movie has both. David Sandberg who directed an under the radar horror movie called “Lights Out” takes over the directing duties for this one. If you guys saw that movie last year, you might notice that there are similarities to what made that movie and “Annabelle: Creation” effective horror movies. Magaling silang maglaro ng shadows and darkness to activate the imagination of the audience. Alam mong lalabas si Annabelle mula diyan sa madilim na sulok ng kwarto kaya nagtataka ka kung bakit lumalapit pa rin yung gagang bata sa dilim, pero nagugulat ka pa rin when it finally happens.

This little girl has bigger balls than any of us kung kaya niyang hawakan si Annabelle ng ganyan!

In terms of the storyline, the movie follows the same formula that made the other entries in The Conjuring franchise successful. A family moves into a house, notices that it’s possessed by the devil but still REFUSES TO LEAVE, and yet somehow finds a way to beat the devil in the end. Sabi nga if it ain’t broke why fix it, right? So if you’ve seen every entry in the franchise, the story might feel a bit tired for you. And there are some things about it that might feel a bit “dumb” for some. Tulad na lang ng usual sakit ng mga characters sa horror movies na ayaw pa rin umalis sa bahay kahit may pangit na manika na gustong pumatay sayo. Or the fact na may nag mumultong bata sa bahay niyo but the doll maker and his wife still thought it was a good idea to ask six girls, one of them crippled, to live with you. Hindi mo alam kung hindi sila nag-iisip o talagang kumag lang sila bilang tao e.

But what I liked about it is that it’s a very enjoyable horror movie. Hindi siya yung horror movie na hindi ka makakapag toothbrush mag-isa sa banyo pag gabi dahil sa takot e. It’s scary in the same way that going to a horror house with your friends at a theme park is scary. It’s fun. Watching two hours or so of Annabelle trying to murder children will make you feel like you just did cardio because it will have your heart-racing all throughout. And you might think you’ve seen it all but “Annabelle: Creation” found new ways to scare audiences this time around.

Yung mata ni Annabelle parang adik na nagulat dahil nahuli siyang nag shashabu e.

The movie being a prequel, fans of “The Conjuring” series will probably like how “Annabelle: Creation” ties up with the other films in the franchise. If you saw the first Annabelle movie, you’d be surprised in how well they connected this film with that one so it really pays if you’ve seen the other movies in the series. Malamang marami pang Annabelle movies na lalabas in the future but if you ask me, I think the franchise should quit while they are ahead. Sa ngayon nakakatakot pa si Annabelle e but as is the case for almost every horror movie character that overstays their welcome, there might come a time when everything becomes tired and corny. Eventually pwedeng hindi ka na matakot kay Annabelle e iisipin mo na lang “Pucha, bakit ba ayaw mong mamatay?!”


Annabelle: Creation is now out in cinemas

Images courtesy of WARNER BROS. PICTURES

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