RATING: 4 out of 5

4 Robert Downey Heads


Another Game of Thrones episode and another leak comes out! This time walang hackers na humihingi ng ransom, there was just someone from HBO Spain who made the mistake of broadcasting the episode early. (O pwede ring sobrang curious lang niya kung anong mangyayari kay Jon Snow at Daenerys at di na niya natiis.)

Hearing news like that gives you an idea on how big Game of Thrones really is. Seryoso lang, may humihingi talaga ng ransom for an episode which would air in the next few days anyway? Akala mo may batang kinidnap e! But though it’s absurd, it’s also not surprising. There are a lot of big TV shows out there (like The Walking Dead for example) but nobody’s leaking out those episodes, right? Hindi naman nakakatanggap ang ABS-CBN ng ransom note na may nakasulat na “mag deposit kayo ng one million pesos sa account namin kung ayaw niyong malaman ng buong mundo na magsusuntukan si Cardo Dalisay at Susan Roces sa show next week.” 

(Though I would love for this to happen. Panuorin mo di ka magsisisi!)

And that’s simply because we don’t care that much about these shows the way we do about Game of Thrones. Now whether you waited to see the actual airing of the episode on HBO or saw the leaked copy of it dahil mababa ang EQ mo, I think we can all agree that it’s one of the most exciting episodes we’ve had in the long history of Game of Thrones. Daenerys finally sees the White Walkers with her own eyes, we almost thought Arya was going to stab Sansa in the throat, and we finally got a zombie dragon.

As usual, we’ll go over these events one by one before we get to the meat of the review. And we start with…

Arya v. Sansa: Rise of Littlefinger

Si Arya yung batang kapatid mong kumag na hihiramin yung cellphone mo para mag games pero biglang babasahin yung messages mo.

Seems to be that the chaos Littlefinger has been trying so very hard to sow is finally bearing fruit with tensions between Arya and Sansa now at an all-time high. The moment Arya came back to Winterfell, there was something visibly off during her reunion with Sansa and it was obvious that the storyline was leading us to this moment. I remember there were a couple of readers who made comments on my post saying that it’s not going to happen because although they’ve been through a lot, they’re still sisters at the end of the day.

Here’s what I think: depsite all the twists and turns of Game of Thrones, the storylines are fairly easy to follow and the writers do that in purpose. Rewarding kasi yung feeling for the audience na masabi mo sa sarili mo na “sabi ko na nga ba yun ang mangyayari e!” With all the storylines you have to follow, it just makes for easier viewing. Pay close attention to the dialogue and to the body language of the characters and you’ll catch hints on where the story will lead to. Sure, you can get blindsided by how a storyline is concluded (biglang namatay si Ned Stark, biglang sinaksak si Jon Snow, biglang naghubad ng salawal si Hodor) but it’s easy for the audience to see how we got to that conclusion. That’s the hallmark of great and compelling television writing in my opinion. And in a way it mirrors what Littlefinger is doing to shape the storyline, alam mong iniinfluence ka niya but he makes you think that you’re arriving at those conclusions on your own.

Sayang patay na si Rickon sasabihin ko rin sana sa kanya na type ko nanay niyo. Type ko nanay niyo Sansa e nasabi ko na ba sayo yun? Type ko nanay niyo.

Now going back to the Arya and Sansa rift, here’s how I think this plays out: That invitation from the Lannisters probably came from Littlefinger to keep Brienne away from Winterfell. So without Brienne to protect the Stark girls, Littlefinger is free to widen the rift between the sisters. I think what will happen is that Sansa gets cornered and spooked by Arya to the point that she’ll have no choice but to partner with Littlefinger. (As in sinasabi kong baka mag hook up sila.) But that doesn’t mean that things will end well for Littlefinger, I still think he dies by Arya’s hand. (Hula ko lang yan ah so kung mali ako wag niyo kong i-cyberbully!)

But who knows, right? It could be Littlefinger who’s falling into Arya’s trap afterall. Maybe this is all part of her plan. (On a sidenote, I liked the part how Arya mentioned that Sansa was afraid of Lyanna Mormont finding out about the letter. It goes to show how much of a freakin’ bad ass Lady Mormont really is! Tandaan natin 11-year old girl ang pinaguusapan natin dito ah!)

The Next Targaryen

While Jon Snow is freezing his balls off beyong the wall, si Tyrion at Dany umiinom ng wine by the fireplace.

Another thing that the writers were hinting at in this episode is who sits on the throne once Daenerys is gone. Since hindi siya pwedeng magkaanak, what happens to the line of succession? It doesn’t matter whether she hooks up with Jon or Jorah, she still can’t have children and as the history of monarchs will tell you that’s the most important thing to have in order to keep the peace. So if I were to venture a guess, I think this is how it plays out: Daenerys doesn’t end up sitting on the throne. (SURPRISE B*TCHES!) And I think though it would seem to us that sitting on the throne is her main motivation, at the end of the day she just wants peace as well.

My dark horse candidate to sit on the throne? Tyrion. Teka lang bago ka kumontra makinig ka muna! There’s this theory floating around that Tyrion is actually a Targaryen as well. Hindi natin alam kung totoo yun pero kahit na hindi, wouldn’t he be the best candidate? He’s the smartest and the most-level headed among all the major characters. Inuulit ko, hula ko lang to so pag di nangyari wag niyo kong i-cyberbully!

Daenerys wearing a coat from the H&M Fall/Winter Westeros Collection.

The Tyrion and Dany conversation over the fireplace is one of my favorite parts of this episode but it gets overshadowed by the more action-packed events of this week. I think it’s a nice setup for the storyline that will conclude Game of Thrones. The White Walker storyline is great and all pero at the end of the day, di ba ang tanong naman natin dito sa dulo talaga ay kung sinong uupo sa trono?

Operation: Catch A Walker

Sige, ibabalik ko na sayo tong espada ng erpats mo, pero tantanan mo na si Daenerys ah!

And now we come to the most-hyped part of this episode! Seriously, didn’t you guys get a “Fellowship of the Rings” vibe when the show opened with these guys traversing the Icelandic terrain? Ang dami kong thoughts all throughout so baka maging incohesive yung mga isusulat ko kaya eenumerate ko na lang sila:

1.) I found it funny how these guys were somewhat bullying Gendry. Siyempre si Gendry yung pinakawalang experience so it comes with the territory. Pero buti na lang parang Energizer Bunny tumakbo tong si Gendry kung hindi dedz na silang lahat! Is Gendry officially the most athletic person in Westeros? Pinagsagwan ng pagkatagal-tagal ngayon naman pinatakbo ng pagkalayo-layo!

2.) During their moments alone together, I was half expecting Jon and Jorah to discuss their feelings for Daenerys. Akala ko sasabihin ni Jorah, “Pare naman ako nauna diyan literal na kinaliskisan na ko ng buhay para lang makabalik kay Khaleesi tapos biglang pag balik ko andyan ka na?! Wag ganun!”

3.) Any scene with Tormund was comedy gold especially his scenes with the Hound. You probably caught that line about him making do in the wild kahit walang babae? Further strengthens the rumor that he had sex with a bear. (Sige, visualize mo muna) And he finally confessed that he has the hots for Brienne!

4.) Kung kasama ka dito sa “Suicide Squad of Westeros” na to pero hindi alam ng audience ang pangalan mo, siguradong mamamatay ka. Sumalangit nawa yung apat nilang kasama na kinain ng zombie bear at ng white walkers.

5.) Like I said previously about the writers making a hint of what could possibly happen, the Squad had an encounter with a zombie bear. Para sa akin walang ibang purpose yun kung hindi ipakita sa audience na kung kayang maging zombie ng bear, hulaan niyo ano pang pwedeng maging zombie? It starts with the letter “D” and ends with “ragon’. Moving forward, I’d love to see Littlefinger become a White Walker if that means that he’ll finally shut up about Catelyn Stark.

6.) Ako lang ba nakapansin na nakasandal si The Hound kay Jon Snow nung natutulog sila? I like that comical look on both their faces afterwards!

Lakas talaga ng dating ni Jon Snow pati si The Hound tinablan!

7.) If there was anyone who had to die from the group, it really had to be Thoros kasi meron silang taga-buhay sa grupo nila e. So it ups the ante pag namatay siya. So kung ako sayo Beric mag-iingat na ko kasi pag natetano ka sa Westeros tapos ka na.

8.) I really thought Tormund was going to die. I already made a mental note of it sabi ko “Pucha wala na patay na si Tormund! Magsindi tayo ng kandila para sa balbas ni Tormund!” But I’m really glad he didn’t he’s become one of my favorites on the show.

9.) Sinong sisihin natin sa pagkapatay ni Viserion? Is it: A.) Si The Hound kasi kung hindi siya nabore at pinagtripan yung White Walkers malamang nakatayo pa sila dun hanggang next episode? B.) Si Night King dahil pang olympics ang javelin throw niya? C.) Si Jon Snow dahil ang bagal niyang sumakay sa dragon? or D.) Si Rhaegal, yung isa pang dragon, dahil chill lang siya habang nangyayari lahat ng to?

10.) Talaga bang wala pang 5 seconds ang interaction ni Jon Snow at Benjen Stark? Are we really to believe na 3 episodes lang sa 7 seasons lalabas si Benjen Stark? Hindi ba eexplain sa atin kung bakit magaling siyang mag fire dance na parang performer sa Boracay?! Benjen might be dead after only 3 episodes but he’s still not the most worthless Stark. (We’re looking at you, Rickon.)

Pwede ba sabihin mo muna sakin sinong tunay kong magulang bago ka mamatay, Uncle Benjen?!

I think one of the things this episode had going for it was how it featured less storylines this time around, focusing mostly on Jon Snow and his crew beyond the wall then intercutting scenes of Winterfell and Dragonstone every now and then. My problem with the previous episodes was that it jumps from one storyline to another too much in one episode because it tries to cram in a lot of things in 50 minutes. Ang nangyayari tuloy it doesn’t give you time to process some of the major things that are happening in the story.

Teka nga Jon, bakit nga natin ulit kailangang i-convince si Cersei na may zombies? E di ba may alalay na nga siyang higanteng zombie?!

This season has been one of the most exciting but I think what we’ve enjoyed so far is the fan-service. Maganda siya in the way that Marvel movies are nice. Gusto mong makitang magkasama si Jon at Dany? Ayan na! Jaime versus Dany? Sure! How about Jon, Jorah, Gendry, and the Hound? Ayan bubuo tayo ng parang Avengers ng Westeros! So far I think what this season lacks are the emotional moments that made the previous seasons great. But I believe we’ll be finally getting one in the season finale. I think the “JoNaerys” love story will finally move along and the Arya-Sansa rift will finally reach its boiling point. By the way, ano na bang nangyari kay Greyworm?! Do we even know? Nasa Casterly Rock pa ba siya?

The good news for people who didn’t watch the leaked episode? Isang linggo ka lang maghihintay para malaman ang sagot sa lahat ng yan. For the rest of you who saw the leaked one, well… sendan niyo ko ng link pag meron nanamang bagong leak ah!

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