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4 Robert Downey Heads

Last week, Game of Thrones fans were treated to one of the most exciting episodes we’ve had in quite a while and we have Daenerys and Drogon to thank for that. As battles go, it’s not the best we’ve seen from the show but it’s hands-down the most exciting. Actually ang haba ng hangover ko sa “The Spoils of War” episode ng Game of Thrones na nitong nakalipas na linggo tuwing may nang-iinis sakin bumubulong ako ng “Dracarys” tapos iniimagine ko silang iniihaw na parang chicken inasal.

Siningitan ako sa traffic? DRACARYS! Gutom na gutom ka na tapos pag-uwi mo malalaman mong inubusan ka ng kanin? DRACARYS!! 15-minutes pa ang Peach Mango Pie, willing to wait? Sige pero… DRACARYS!!!

Racist ba ko kung sinabi kong lahat ng Dothraki magkakamukha lang?

That’s why it was going to be close to impossible for the this week’s episode to surpass that level of excitement. But what “Eastwatch” lacked in terms of action, it more than made up for with a lot of game-changing events happening in this episode that will reverberate across the world of Westeros in episodes to come. Sabi nga ng showrunners before the 7th season started, there won’t be any “filler” episodes this year and they’ve stayed true to those words so far.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that happened in this week’s episode and talk about what these could mean for the story moving forward. Aba, ayaw mo?! DRACARYS!!!

Jaime Lives! Cersei’s Pregnant?!

Helen-Sloan-HBO-Photo-2-4_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqrpfQw2hJyG_yckwxPAr0gqsW2GA9nAM4IFtGNFTInME (1)
Buntis ka nanaman! Hindi ka pa ba natuto kay Joffrey aka Spawn of Satan?!

I’m pretty sure everyone who saw last week’s episode were asking the same questions afterwards First of which being:

1.) Buhay ba si Jaime?!

and also,

2.) Bakit lumalim yung tubig e kanina hanggang tuhod lang yun ah?!

Wala akong sagot sa question #2 but fans of one-half of the incest twins will be relieved to know that Jaime is alive and well all thanks to Bronn. Not only is he alive, it also appears that he’s going to be a daddy once again! Now whether that’s true or not remains to be seen. It’s not exactly beneath Cersei to lie about something like this right? Pero kung ako ang tatanungin hindi ako naniniwala kasi laging mukhang may dysmenorrhea si Cersei e. Pag nag simula siyang ngumiti sa mga susunod na episodes maniniwala na ko. I always thought that it was going to be Jaime who’d kill Cersei when the time came but after this development, I’m not so sure anymore. Pero hindi rin natin masabi, dagdag drama kung papatayin niya si Cersei despite the fact that she’s pregnant with his child, right?

Samwell, the Last Tarly

Kung oo ka lang ng oo pag nagkukwento sayo yung girlfriend mo, may pinagkaparehas kayo ni Samwell Tarly liban sa kulang kayo sa cardio.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a major death in Game of Thrones (actually sa episode 4 lang walang namatay pero matagal na yun for GoT standards) and we finally have one this week in the form of the Tarlys. Now say what you will about the Tarlys but these guys have honor, refusing to bend a knee for Daenerys despite the risk of certain death. Sadly, hindi na natin makikita si Dickon na lumaki at tumigas bilang mandirigma dahil ginawa siyang lusis ni Drogon. So that leaves Samwell Tarly as the lone male heir of the Tarly family, right? And since he seemingly has denounced the Citadel and no longer wants to be a maester, what could this mean on the Game of Thrones chessboard moving forward?

But the highlight of the Tarly storyline in this episode was his conversation with Giilly who we haven’t seen in quite sometime. The more astute viewer probably noticed how Gilly mentioned that Rhaegar had his first marriage annulled in order to marry another, which we presume to be Lyanna Stark. (Also, akalain mong may konsepto pa la ng annulment sa Westeros?) What’s so great about it is how both Sam and Gilly don’t seem to realize how important that information is. Pero tayong mga nanunuod, alam natin na mabigat ang implication nun! This would mean that Jon and not Daenerys is next in line to the Targaryen throne. So paano na? Makakaapekto ba to sa “JoNaerys”?!

The Inglorious Bastards

Hindi ko pa masyadong nakikita pero ang hula ko kasing laki na ng hita ni The Rock yung braso ni Gendry kakasagwan.

In one of the biggest reveals of the episode, we finally find out that Gendry Baratheon is still alive! A lot of fans have been speculating on what happened to Gendry since we last saw him a few seasons back and even Ser Davos made a tongue-in-cheek joke about it. Just like Tarly, Gendry is also the last of his kind with him being the last Baratheon. Hindi ko sure if that’s worth something at this point but there still might be a few people that give importante to the Baratheon name, right? At ngayon meron na siyang higanteng hammer na dala. I would expect nothing less from a guy who’s been rowing his boat bago pa man nagpuberty si Bran.

Jorah Mormont, Formerly Forever Friendzone Now Forever Third Wheel

Napeke tayo tsaka si Jorah ni Daenerys akala ko mahahalikan na e!

Just when we thought that the JoNaerys movement was finally gaining momentum, Ser Jorah Mormont (formerly known as “Yung Lalakeng Sobrang Na-friendzone Naging Taong Bato Na) comes back to ruin another potentially incestuous coupling! And that’s another thing we like about Game of Thrones, just when you thought a particular storyline is headed in one direction, it throws you a curveball that catches you off-guard. Now we all knew Jorah was coming back one way or another, but I didn’t expect for the storyline to imply a potential love triangle. But we’re seeing more and more in each episode how Jon is being hinted at as a Targaryen so I would be very surprised if in the end it turns out to be Jorah and Dany instead of Jon and Dany.

Jon Snow, The King of the North and owner of the biggest pair of balls in Winterfell.

By the way, how cool is that scene where Jon touches Drogon? Nakakatawa kasi kulang na lang pasuotin na si Jon ng writers ng show na t-shirt na may nakasulat na “I AM TARGARYEN” just to established that fact and yet the characters in the show themselves are still clueless about it. Come to think about it, so far the only three people who have gone near a dragon and have lived to tell the tale are Dany, Jon, and Tyrion. Coincidentally there are 3 dragons who need riders. Go figure.

Littlefinger, Master of Chaos

Ang laking sugal na nilagay ni Littlefinger yung sulat sa ilalim ng kama. Paano kung hindi naisip ni Arya yun?!

You’ve probably read somewhere on the internet the contents of that letter Arya read inside Littlefinger’s room. It’s a letter that would make her believe that Sansa betrayed her family which would of course create a rift between them. I’m not sure if this ploy will work, I’m still betting that Arya stabs him in the chest one of these days. Ang hindi ko masyadong gets sa plot na to, kung si Bran ay powerful enough to see where the White Walkers are and warn everyone about it, bakit hindi niya kayang magpadala ng sulat sa dalawang ate niya para sabihin na “Hoy mga besh, inuulol kayo ni Littlefinger ah. By the way, siya yung trumaydor kay Daddy. Sad :(“? 

The Suicide Squad of Westeros


Badtrip siguro para kay Jorah kung pagkatapos niyang makaligtas sa pagiging taong bato, naging White Walker siya agad ano?

You guys have probably noticed how the pace of the storytelling is so much faster this season compared to the previous ones, right? I think the decision to do that has both it’s pros and cons. One of the cons for me is that the story doesn’t feel like it’s developing organically like before and it makes for a few minor inconsistencies as their storylines and timelines converge. (Mag CR ka lang pagbalik mo nakabalik na rin si Jaime sa King’s Landing from High Garden pero yung White Walkers 5 episodes na wala pa rin sa wall. E hindi naman sila napapagod diba?)

But what I like about this direction is that it makes for a much more exciting show. Ang daming nangyayari e. You noticed how ang dami ko na nasabi pero hindi ko pa nabanggit yung Jaime-Tyrion reunion? Because it’s actually the least important major event that happened in this episode. Pero kung nangyari yan sa ibang season, it would have been the highlight of the episode.

What’s great about Game of Thrones is how well it ties up one storyline and opens up a new one, despite the fact that we’re so close to the end. Ang dami pa ring nangyayari at pwedeng mangyari kahit nag coconclude na tayo ng mga kwento e. One of the things I liked in this episode was how they were able to tie the story of the Hound to that of Jon’s. I’ve always wondered how they were gonna do that and I’m happy with what they’ve done. Para silang gumawa ng Suicide Squad ng Westeros e! Everyone has beef with someone and else but they have to work together to achieve a common goal. Galing e! And this season, Game of Thrones has been so adept in giving us a big episode and following it each time with another one that sets up another big episode beautifully.

If this season has taught us anything (other than the fact that it’s possible to have sex with a eunuch), it’s that we better brace ourselves for another great episode next week.


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  1. Gusto ko yung mga titigan nila jon and danny!

    Si Jon na very light na nag seselos or nandidiri hahaha!
    Si Danny na nagaalala sa mga desisyon ni Jon!


    Di ko alam pero… napaka dali naman ng mga ganap kay arya and little finger. Sino kaya ang tunay na nahuli? Sino ang mautak. Abangan… ganun lang ba kadali mahuli si little finger or ganun lang ba kadali mauto si arya hahhaha gigil besh!


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