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4 Robert Downey Heads

As you’ve probably heard by now if you follow everything and anything that has to do with Game of Thrones, HBO was hacked and episode four of the show was leaked to the internet. In fact, malaki ang chance na hindi mo hinintay yung Monday at napanuod mo na yung latest episode nung weekend pa lang! Now I don’t endorse piracy, especially when it comes to movies na pinapalabas or ipapalabas pa lang. (Takot akong makalabit ni Derek Ramsay habang nanunuod sa bahay at mabulungan ng “pare, pulis ako”) Pero aaminin ko hindi na rin ako nakahintay ng Lunes para manuod ng Game of Thrones. First reason being, it’s freakin’ Game of Thrones where every episode feels like Game 7 of the NBA Finals. Second reason being, ayokong makabasa ng spoiler sa social media at ayoko rin yung hassle na iiwas pa kong buksan yung Facebook ko para lang di makabasa ng spoilers. (Kaya sorry Derek Ramsay at dun sa aleng nabitawan yung mga bitbit niyang kamatis!)

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“The Spoils of War” which is the title of the fourth episode of this season’s Game of Thrones featured another Stark family reunion (where Bran creeps the f*** out of everyone again), more signs that “JoNaerys” is coming (regardless of what your views on incest are), a bad ass duel between Arya and Brienne (where Brienne actually loses her shit for a minute and kicks a 5-foot girl in the chest) and a cliffhanger that will make you wish that somebody would leak the fifth episode right now! The highlight of this episode is of course the battle near the end between the Lannister forces led by Jaime and the Dothraki horde led by Daenerys. Now what I like about this episode is that it reveals a lot of things about the agendas of some of the major players. (We’ll get to that later) But what I didn’t like about it is that it kinda felt a bit rushed and although it’s a very important battle, it wasn’t as great as the other ones that came before it. (We’ll get to that later as well)

Like always, let’s do a quick recap of some of the major things that happened this week, shall we?

A Stark Comes Home

Petyr “Alam Mo Type Ko Nanay Mo” Baelish

Last week we thought that Arya had finally come home to Winterfell. But instead what we got was a weird-ass Bran telling Sansa that he knows how she was raped by Ramsay. (Talagang walang kamustahan, Bran? Hindi mo man lang ba pupunahin yung bagong hairdo ni Sansa? Diretso kaagad tayo sa usapang rape?!) That big Stark reunion would apparently come a week later and Arya is finally reunited with Sansa and Bran.

Unlike the Jon and Sansa reunion that came before, this kinda felt a little bit anti-climactic. I was expecting that moment to be more emotional after all the things these kids have been through. But you have to remember that Arya and Sansa were never close to begin with and that’s probably the reason why the reunion didn’t feel that emotional. Although they’re sisters, they have very different personalities. But I do like the scene where Arya takes a moment to look around her surroundings when she first arrived at the castle. For all the talk about Arya being wild and undomesticated, I think that scene shows that Winterfell will always be home for her.

Although lagi kong hinihiritan si Bran, you got to admire his self-control. If it’s true that he knows everything that has happened and everything that will come to pass, then it took a lot of self-control for him not to stab Littlefinger in the eye with the dagger he just gave him. This mother-lover betrayed your father and basically used Sansa as a bargaining chip! Kung ayaw mong saksakin at least sabunutan mo man lang sa bigote di ba?! Tsaka kelan ba hihinto si Littlefinger sabihan ang lahat ng Stark children na type niya yung nanay nila?! I’m assuming that in the next episode, he’ll find a moment with Arya just to say the same thing. At what point do you think the Stark children sit together to talk about this? Won’t it come to a point where Arya will have to say, “Pucha, guys medyo naiilang na ko dito kay Littlefinger ah! Gusto niyo ba dagdag ko na lang mukha nito sa collection ko?!”

Like it or Not, “JoNaerys” Is Definitely Happening

“ANO?! Nag-ano kaya ni Greyworm?! Paano yu… e wala namang… ang landi mo nakangiti ka pa!”

For my last Game of Thrones post, I received a couple of not so nice comments on Facebook when I suggested that something might happen between Daenerys and Jon. May nag comment sa akin ng “Hindi mo ata alam na magkapatid sila e. Hindi ka ata nanunuod!” Tapos meron ring kumag na nagsabing “Mag tita sila tanga!” who then challenged another reader regarding the morality of incest on a fictional show with frozen zombies, dragons, and a main character who somehow came back from the dead.

First of all, although it’s not yet firmly established, I think it’s safe to assume na mag-tita si Jon and Daenerys at hindi sila magkapatid. Secondly, this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about. Why the hell would you be scandalized about incest when we saw Jaime and Cersei humping away at each other like dogs do during the first episode of the first season?! Hindi ba yung buong conflict ng show na to nag simula sa concept ng incest? Hindi ba kaya nga pilay si Bran ngayon dahil nakita niya yung act of incest na yun? Nasaan ang respeto niyo sa pinagdaanan ni Bran?! (Wag niyong gagalitin si Bran, alam ni Bran ang ginagawa niyo sa harap ng computer pag hating gabi na at walang ibang tao!)

As one reader pointed out (shout out to Justine Gueverra), hindi naman alam ni Dany and Jon na magkamag-anak sila sa ngayon e. What’s going to stop them from doing something with each other? Dany is surrounded by Tyrion (probably too short for her), Greyworm, Varys, and Theon (lacking the necessary parts), Davos (too old for her), and Jon. You don’t think she’d end up with Jon by mere process of elimination?

And this episode further proves that something’s gonna happen between them. Didn’t you catch Missandei and Dany exchange smiles when Jon arrived in the middle of their conversation? Didn’t you hear Davos teasing Jon about looking at Dany’s boobs? Didn’t you feel a slight racing of the heart when Jon and Dany were inside the cave and Dany told Jon that the North will accept a ruler that Jon chooses? (Which I suppose could be by marriage, right?) Kailangan ko bang ipaalala sa inyo na si Jon Snow ay na-devirginize sa loob ng kweba at may nasa kweba nanaman siya ngayon?!

Another thing that I find funny is how Jon is having a hard time trying to convince Daenerys that the White Walkers exist. He literally needed to show her a cave drawing that looks exactly like the Night King in order for her to believe in something like this. What point does Jon say, “Pucha ayaw mong maniwala sa White Walkers e ikaw nga may dragon ka?! Galing na nga ako sa kabilang buhay e eto o papakita ko sayo yung tatlong saksak sa tadyang ko!”

If Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven, you can call Podrick the Three-Legged Wonder. Gets niyo kung bakit three legs? Kasi mahaba yung… utang na loob wag niyo pa-explain sakin.

One of my favorite parts in this episode was the quick sparring session between Brienne and Arya. We haven’t seen Arya display her skills that much recently since she’s been killing people left and right more through cunning and stealth rather than actual fighting. Narealize niyo ba na at this point parang pinaghalong Bruce Lee at Jedi na si Arya Stark?! And I liked how she coyly answered with “No One” when asked by Brienne who taught her her moves.

But one thing you’d have to wonder about is why Sansa was looking at her the way she did while all this was happening. I don’t think she realizes how much Arya has changed just yet. Does she feel like she’s a threat to her position? Is she insecure that Arya and Bran are now capable of doing all these things and all this time she’s only been a slave to Joffrey, Ramsay, and to Littlefinger to a degree? Or maybe she’s just weirded out by the thought that both Arya and Bran have changed so much? I don’t know but something’s not right with Sansa since last season.

Jaime and Bronn Meet Drogon

“Akala ko tatlo yung dragon ni Daenerys bakit isa lang dala niya? Di bale isa lang rin naman yung dinala nating crossbow e!”

Of course, the highlight of this episode is Dany’s attack on the Lannister forces outside High Garden. After suffering defeat after defeat, Daenerys goes against the counsel of Tyrion and Jon and decides to retaliate against Jaime and his army. First of all, let me just say that I loved this part. We like Game of Thrones for many reasons but these are the moments that even casual fans would appreciate. But for me, the battle scene didn’t feel as grand as it should have. If you remember how the “Battle of the Bastards” was set up, it took us a while before we finally got there and the show dedicated one whole episode to it. The writing was even better than normal, the cinematography and choreography was amazing; it just had that epic feeling that the battle in this episode lacked. Blame it on the intentions of the showrunners or the fact that we only have 7 episodes this season. My only point is that although it’s good, it’s not as great as we’ve been accustomed to.

Pero intense pa rin yung sequence if only for the sole reason na ang taas ng stakes this episode! During the Battle of the Bastards, you knew who you were rooting for and it was very easy. You wanted Ramsay to die and Jon to win. But in this episode, who would you root for? Although you can consider the Lannisters the traditional villains in the series, I certainly didn’t want Jaime to die. Actually moment of truth nga para sa akin e! Ganun rin ba para sa inyo? During the part where Jaime was about to attack Dany, I think I actually preferred Dany to die. Shocking, right? I think it has something to do with the fact that Tyrion was watching. I didn’t want Tyrion to see Jaime die. And I definitely don’t want to see Bronn, one of my favorite characters in the show, to die.

But what I liked about this episode is how it’s foreboding of future conflict between Tyrion and Daenerys. They’ve met eye to eye so far, but Dany went against the advice of Tyrion on an important matter so that’s one source of conflict between them. And now that Jaime, the only Lannister that Tyrion considers to be his family is going against Daenerys, which side would Tyrion go with? If Jaime ends up being captured by Daenerys’ forces, does Tyrion free him the same way Jaime did for him a while back? The show ends with a cliffhanger; we don’t know if Jaime survives or not although it’s almost certain that he does. But I think the one question that I really want an answer to in the next episode is:

What the hell does Tyrion do now?


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  1. I have to disagree with the sansa and arya reunion, it was all about the things that they have gone through that made the reunion simething that cannot be celebrated yet. sabi nga nila, it not yet over daw. they understand that both have gone through something that would have to make them tough and strong. alam nila na hindi pa tapos lahat. alam nila na madami pa sila pagdadaanan lalo na at mas namulat sila sa harsh reality. ganun. so I guess I am satisfied with how they created the reunion scene of the sisters 😊


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