The Justice League trailer was released a few days ago and I think we can all agree that it was amazing. How amazing? Imagine kung may type ka sa Tinder na sa picture parang kahawig ni Liza Soberano. So nag swipe right ka. Tapos nag swipe right rin siya sayo! Pero nung nagkita kayo in person, malalaman mong hindi lang pala niya kahawig si Liza Soberano, siya pala talaga si Liza Soberano! Parang ganun e. Now does a kick-ass trailer mean the movie will be awesome as well? Of course not. But for now, the trailer gives us hope that Warner Bros. and Zack Snyder finally learned a thing or two from the criticisms that “Man of Steel” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” received from fans and critics alike.

Here’s a frame by frame reaction to the trailer:

(Disclaimer lang, my knowledge of the comics is modest. Mas may alam siguro ako dun sa casual moviegoer pero pag tinanong mo ko kung sinong tatay ni Cyborg at anong paboritong isda ni Aquaman, hindi ko alam ang isasagot. My reactions are based on what I’ve seen from the previous movies and the trailer.)



0:05-0:18: The trailer starts off like a Marlboro commercial but you know that shit has become serious when Bruce Wayne trades in his Bugatti to ride a goddamn horse in the middle of a freakin’ blizzard. Can’t imagine he likes that too much.


0:19-0:21: Kahit hindi mo pa nakikita yung mukha nung lalaking nakahood alam mong siya si Batman because he’s doing that whole “perch on the edge of something and look over the city/town” thing that we’ve known Batman to do.


0:23-0:25: Sabi na e! But Ben Affleck doesn’t look happy though. I guess that’s understandable if you have to shoot scenes in some Arctic wilderness with your balls freezing off while your buddy Matt Damon gets to spend his summer in some tropical paradise.


0:28-0:32: I don’t know really know who this guy is but if the trailer is any indication he’s probably going to die in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Actually a friend of my just told me that this guy appeared in BvS as the guy who created Cyborg. And that thing that’s about to rip him apart is a parademon.




0:38-0:45: You know the one thing DC movies have been doing better than the Marvel movies so far? Music. Medyo boring yung music ng Marvel e and there’s actually a purpose behind it which this video explains perfectly.  Say what you will about “Suicide Squad”, but you can’t deny that it had an amazing soundtrack. Playing music by the White Stripes to introduce Aquaman was a nice touch. Also, nalaman natin na lasenggo si Aquaman at hindi nagbabayad ng iniinom niya. Bwisit kainuman to.


0:46-0:53: “Organic and biomechatronic body parts…” sooooo… ibig sabihin ba nun hindi na niya kailangan mag-wiwi? Gumagana pa kaya yan? Wag na tayong maglokohan dito ah alam kong naisip mo rin yun! Though he’s the lesser known member of the Justice League, he gets to have a cool looking armor so he has that going for him.


0:54-0:55: I don’t care if you’re a damn billionaire, you don’t enter someone’s house and mess with their computer! Can you imagine kung pag-uwi mo sa bahay nakita mo si Lucio Tan na nagyoyosi habang nakadekwatro at hinuhusgahan yung browser history mo?


0:58-1:03: Looks like we’re going to see a lot of the “Matrix-style” slow-motion for scenes with the Flash. So far mukhang tama naman casting sa Justice League diba? Parang bagay naman si Ezra Miller as Barry Allen. Looks like he’s going to be the comic relief of the movie.



1:10-1:11: Seriously, look at him! He just looks happy to be there. Para siyang yung kaklase mong hindi naiimbitahan pag may mga inuman tapos ngayon lang naisipang yayain so laging nakangisi.


1:12-1:13:    ❤ ❤ ❤ *insert emoji na may mga hearts sa mata* ❤ ❤ ❤


1:13-1:14: Bakit kaya laging mukhang galit si Aquaman? Dahil ba hindi niya matanggal yung amoy ng lansa sa katawan niya?


1:15-1:18: A lot of people make fun of Aquaman’s powers but it seems like this movie is going to make him look like such a badass. Tingnan mo yung pagkabato ng trident o! Parang si Brad Pitt sa pelikulang “Troy”!


1:19-1:21: But it still looks like Wonder Woman is going to be the best thing about this movie just like how she stole the show in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. This spinning heel kick (yun ba tawag dun?) looks sooooo good in slow motion. Remember when people were complaining when they announced that Gal Gadot was playing Wonder Woman? That seems like such a long time ago.


1:22-1:26: CYBORG JUST WENT FULL IRON MAN ON US! Though it still seems like he’s destined to be the “Hawkeye” of this group. I just can’t see how he’s gonna outshine all the other members of the Justice League.


1:27-1:29: Question, kung ganyan kabilis si The Flash paano ba siya tatamaan? Kailangan di siya nakatingin e noh? Pagharap harapan wala talagang chance.


1:30-1:32: “I’m rich.” Nagtatanong ka pa e! Why can’t real-life billionaires be like Batman? Wala bang makaka-convince sa may-ari ng Mang Inasal na maging Batman na lang?


 1:33-1:42: SO APPARENTLY UMAAKYAT NA NG PADER YUNG BATMOBILE NGAYON! “Batmobile” pa ba tawag diyan??? Not complaining though! At di ba sabi ko naman ang galing nila gumamit ng music? Perfect yung song na “Come Together” dun sa theme ng Justice League e.


1:43-1:44: Can someone tell me what she pulled from behind her back? Sword ba yan? Lasso ba yan? All I can see is a bright white light of some sort. And why does it look like na sasaksakin siya ni Aquaman sa likod? Lasing nanaman ba si Aquaman?!


1:45-1:46: Sa mga nag cocomment na “bakit wala si Superman? Hindi totoong Justice League to kung wala si Superman!” pwede relax lang kayo? If Lois Lane is in this, then Superman has to be in this is some shape or form. The better question is: will we see Green Lantern or anyone from the Green Lantern Corps?


1:47-1:48: Ang astig nitong eksenang to pero sino ba naman kasing gago ang aatake kay Aquaman gamit ang tubig?!


1:48-1:50: We also get to see Mera, Aquaman’s wife who happens to be Johnny Depp’s now ex-wife. Sa mga hindi nakakakilala sa kanya, siya si Amber Heard. According to a computer program of some facial mapping, siya daw ang may pinakamagandang mukha sa buong mundo. I don’t know about that one but you can’t deny that she’s freakin’ gorgeous.


1:51-1:53: Woah. This is some “Lord of the Rings” shit right here. Pero ewan ko lang kung totoong eksena to sa movie or dream sequence ulit ni Batman. Or probably a war in a different planet? Because this definitely doesn’t look like any place on Earth.

Justice-League-81-1024x549 (1).jpg

1:58-2:00: “Shall we?” OMG YES GAL GADOT WE SHALL! ❤

Justice-League-83-1024x546 (1).jpg

2:08-2:13: We finally get to see JK Simmons as Commissioner Gordon! But from what he’s been saying in interviews, it looks like he’s only playing a small part in the movie. Loving the banter in this trailer so far! Hopefully it’s not one of those movies where all the jokes are already in the trailer.


2:15-2:20: YUP THAT’S AQUAMAN ON THE HOOD OF THE BATMOBILE!!! Mukhang ang baliw ni Aquaman dito sa movie na to and I absolutely love it.

Astig diba??? Even if the movie happens to suck (which I doubt) we will forever have this trailer. I’m willing to give Zack Snyder another chance and forgive all past offenses after seeing this. O sige na panuorin mo na ulit yung trailer alam ko namang gusto mo!

Justice League comes out in cinemas this November!