RATING: 2 out of 5

2 Robert Downey Heads

If you were born sometime during the 80’s or 90’s then you’re probably familiar with the concept of the “Power Rangers”. If you’re not, don’t worry it’s not a very hard concept to understand. In 1993, there was a show about 5 teenagers from the town of Angel Grove na nakahanap ng color-coded coins which then transforms them into the “Power Rangers”. They then have to face off against alien threats against Earth with the help of Zordon their mentor, Alpha their robot-servant, and giant robotic dinosaurs. Kung asan ang Avengers at kung bakit walang nagtataka kung bakit sa dami ng lugar sa mundo Angel Grove ang laging inaatake at hindi New York City, hindi ko alam. The 2017 reboot, for better or worse, follows the exact same plot of the original.

They greatly improved their armors you have to give them that. Parang armor ni Iron Man na sponsored ng Skittles.

For a movie called the “Power Rangers” it surprisingly has a very short supply of Power Rangers in it. Audiences will spend an hour and a half listening to angsty teenagers argue between themselves and gripe about how no one understands them until we finally get to see them be the Power Rangers. Ano bang pinunta natin dito? E kung gusto ko manuod ng mga kadramahan ng mga teenagers edi sana nanuod na lang ako ng walang katapusang PBB Teens!

The final act is when the kids finally turn into the Power Rangers and when it’s all said and done, it’s actually a bit of a letdown. You wait the whole movie for these kids to finally get their acts together and kick some ass but it feels like they’re just going through the motions. The action scenes are uninspired and not one you’d expect from a 21st century superhero movie. Parang yung suntukan ni Raymart Santiago tsaka Mon Confiado sa trailers yung pinapanuod mo e kulang na lang magtanong si Rita Repulsa ng “Akala mo kaya mo ko?! Magdasal ka na kung nakakahinga ka pa!”

The first half of the movie plays more like “Tabing Ilog” rather than a superhero movie.

The movie got newcomers to play the roles of the Power Rangers and to their credit, they actually build good chemistry as the movie progresses. No one feels like they were miscast for their roles but out all five of them, it’s Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger), RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger), and Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger) who get to shine. Their character arcs were simply just more developed than the other two. Dacre Montgomery as Jason Scott was convincing as their leader although he does remind you of an alcoholic Zac Efron with receding hairline. It’s actually Cyler as Billy Cranston who steals the show. He’s a character that’s on the autistic spectrum and serves as the comic relief for the movie but never at the expense of his autism.

Elizabeth Banks was pretty good as Effie in the Hunger Games series despite playing a flamboyant character. She overdid her Rita Repulsa in this one. 

The most recognizable faces in the movie are Elizabeth Banks who plays the villain Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston who plays Zordon, the mentor of the Power Rangers. For her role as Rita Repulsa, I think Elizabeth Banks went a bit overboard. Maybe that’s how she was asked to play the role but there were a lot of times where you’d think “Okay, awat ng konti medyo kontrabida sa Encantadia na yung acting mo.” As for Bryan Cranston, his voice does lend the authority that’s much needed to reign in these kids. But every time he talks, I can still see him as Walter White in Breaking Bad. Baka nasobrahan siya sa shabu na niluluto niya kaya iniimagine niya ngayon na trapped siya sa loob ng malaking TV  at siya si Zordon? (My gahd, I hate drags.) Bill Hader as Alpha was a missed opportunity because he wasn’t really given a chance to show off his comedic chops. If you guys don’t know who Bill Hader is, he’s one of the funniest guys in Hollywood in my opinion.


Though it might feel like I lambasted the movie, I honestly didn’t think it was complete garbage. And that’s simply because I’m still a sucker for nostalgia just like anyone else. When they were inside their zords and I heard the Power Rangers theme song, it made me smile. But it has to be said that the movie is just not very good. The part where the megazord was gyrating its hips made me roll my eyes and groan. The trailers were promising and it felt like they were going towards the right direction. However, watching it makes you feel like the movie is being pulled in two directions: one towards a more gritty and mature aesthetic pero parang somewhere in the middle of the whole thing sinabi ng mga producers, “Teka lang, e para kanino ba to? Hindi ba para sa mga bata to?!”

Which is why the 8-year old kid in you will enjoy it if only for the nostalgia because the movie plays out like a 2-hour episode of the TV show. Pero kung nag mature ka kahit papaano from the time you first saw the Power Rangers on TV hanggang sa ngayon, you might not enjoy it anymore. Siguro yung anak mo pa. But there’s a chance that he might not like it that much as well because of all the teenage drama. Hopefully they can improve on the follow-ups because from what I’ve been reading on the internet, they’re planning to make this into a 6-picture franchise.

Power Rangers is now out in cinemas everywhere.

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