Let’s get to the meat of this thing right from the get go: Sausage Party is one the funniest, most original, and craziest movies you’ll see all year. It’s one of those movies that you should definitely not see with your parents unless you want long periods of awkward and uncomfortable silence afterwards. Should you take the kids to see it? Definitely not. Any kid who sees this movie by accident is bound to ask grown ups a lot of awkward questions. Tito, what do they mean by “just the tip?” Good luck explaining that one, brother.

This is obviously not your typical feel-good animated film, ladies and gentlemen.  This is a movie about sausages wanting to put their long and juicy meat between soft and curvy buns.

Have I got your attention now?

Frank (Seth Rogen) with Brenda (Kristen Wiig) in Columbia Pictures’ SAUSAGE PARTY.

The movie mostly takes place inside a supermarket. Frank (voiced by Seth Rogen) is a sausage who along with other grocery items believe that outside those sliding doors of the supermarket lies heaven. Along with his girlfriend Brenda (a curvacious hotdog bun voiced by Kirsten Wigg), they believe that their lives serve only one purpose: to be bought and taken home by humans which they believe to be gods. But Frank starts to hear rumors that things are probably not as they were led to believe. Life outside the supermarket is actually more akin to hell and he and his buddies Carl (Jonah Hill) and Barry (Michael Cera) along with Brenda are actually being led to the slaughterhouse. His desire to find the truth sets him off on a quest to find beyond the reaches of the processed meat section of the supermarket.

Along the way, Frank encounters other grocery items like a Jewish-bagel (Edward Norton) and a Middle-Eastern lavash (David Krumholtz) that keep on arguing between themselves regarding the grocery shelf they both occupy, there’s a lesbian taco (voiced by Salma Hayek) who wants nothing more than to munch on Brenda’s juicy buns, and a literal douche (Nick Kroll) that serves as their main foil.

Found an excuse to post a picture of Seth Rogen holding his wiener and Salma Hayek holding her melons.

“Sausage Party” was directed by Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan from a script by Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. Goldberg and Rogen are the same two guys that brought us the hit-comedy This is the End. And like This is the End, the movie examines ideas such as religion and death but in their trademark funny manner – which simply means a lot of dick and pot jokes.

The film is also a self-aware satire of Pixar movies. Most, if not all Pixar movies revolve around one central theme: What if something that’s not human had feelings? For example, what if toys had feelings? Toy Story. What if fish had feelings? Finding Nemo/Dory. What if feelings had feelings? Inside Out. Well, Sausage Party takes this same formula, put it on its head and spins it around like a top. The premise is not as simple as “what if food had feelings” it goes way beyond that. It answers the pertinent questions about food we’ve had since time immemorial such as: What if food felt horny? What if food were racist against each other? What if a sausage got high on drugs and went on a menage-a-trois with a bread bun and a hard-shell taco?

Teresa (Salma Hayek), Brenda (Kristen Wiig), Barry (Michael Cera), Frank (Seth Rogen), Lavash (David Krumholtz) and Sammy (Edward Norton) in Columbia Pictures’ SAUSAGE PARTY.

The humor caters more to western audiences so some jokes can zip passed the heads of international audiences but there’s still a lot of raunchiness and silliness to appeal to people of all nations. That’s the great thing about dick jokes, they can be appreciated in any language. Like the irreverent This is the End before it, Sausage Party makes fun of gender issues, race relations, religion, and recreational drug use. Needless to say, this movie is definitely not for everyone especially if you feel strongly about these issues. But for those who don’t mind, there are a lot of laughs to be had when watching this movie. During a screening I went to, audiences were laughing like crazy during some of the scenes and for good reason. The movie is just downright hilarious.

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8/10. Sausage Party is one of the funniest and most original movies to come out from Hollywood in a while. But be forewarned that it’s raunchy as hell so watch it with an open mind. You’ll probably never look at food the same way ever again after seeing this movie.

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