We’ve seen two of our sports heroes retire this year. Kobe Bryant gave us a 60-point swan song that best encapsulates his 20 unforgettable seasons of playing basketball – shoot, shoot some more, hit the go-ahead basket, and revel in the adulation. On the other hand, there’s Tim Duncan who quietly announced his retirement during the off-season. No farewell tour, no theatrical final game, very understated, and of course – very Tim Duncan. It’s sad to see them go even if we all agree that it was just about the right time for them to retire. But wouldn’t you want to see them do it again at least one more time? Wouldn’t you want to see Kobe hit a game-winner one more time or see Tim Duncan’s fist pump after hitting his patented bank shot?

Matt Damon, now already 45 years old, seems just a few years away from being a member of The Expendables.

That’s what everyone thought they wanted when one of our favorite action heroes, Jason Bourne, came out of retirement to do a fifth Bourne movie to add to the successful franchise. Matt Damon seemingly handed over the reins of the Bourne series to Jeremy Renner when he refused to reprise the role for The Bourne Legacy. But now he’s back as the American super-spy that he made famous and he’s reunited with director Paul Greengrass, a frequent Bourne-collaborator.

We last saw Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum. Ultimatum ended with a terrific scene that would signify the conclusion of Jason Bourne’s story. Lying face down on the river and seemingly dead after being a shot, he suddenly moves and swims to safety. Parang yung ipis na inapakan mo na akala mo patay na pero biglang gumalaw. Mahirap talagang patayin tong si Jason Bourne. Which would suggest that he’s going to be able to lead a life free from the troubles of his checkered past. Like Michael Jordan hitting that jump shot over Byron Russell, it was the perfect ending to a great story.

But sadly, like an athlete that stayed on for one season too long, it seems like Matt Damon should have retired the role of Jason Bourne. The new Bourne movie which is conveniently entitled Jason Bourne (because there’s only so many words you can attach to “Bourne” before you run out of ideas) doesn’t deviate too much from the previous entries to the franchise and that’s sadly a missed opportunity.

The movie finds an incognito Jason Bourne on the Greek-Algerian border. He’s a modern day gladiator engaging in fistfights with Russian and Serbian mercenaries for money. Hey, if you’re good at kicking ass at least make some money out of it, right? CIA operative Nikki Parsons (Julia Stiles) which long-time fans will recognize, finds Jason and tells him something about his past that debunks everything that Bourne has been led to believe all of his adult-life. The CIA finds out that Bourne is still alive in this results in a wild-goose chase across different countries. Stop me if you’ve heard this before.

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6/10. It’s just same story with different characters that you can actually call it the The Bourne Redundancy instead. Jason Bourne’s return from retirement feels more like Michael Jordan with the Wizards rather than his comeback with the Bulls.

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