The first trailer for the Justice League movie that’s coming out next year finally dropped today and the internet, as expected, went nuts. I woke up to a text from a buddy of mine telling me “P*%$*% ina may Justice League trailer na P#$%#$# INA!” Since cinensor ko yung mura na sinabi niya, siguro dapat kong sabihin na yung pangalawang beses niya sinabi yun ay naka-all caps pa. And he sent it to me twice. Ito yung mga tipo ng text na either may nanalo sa lotto or may naaksidente ng malubha e hindi dahil may bagong Justice League na trailer. Yes, he was obviously that excited about it.

And for good reason. It would seem like DC has finally listened to the critics and is making a Justice League movie that’s more similar to how they approached the Suicide Squad. Suicide Squad has yet to come out but the trailers suggest that it won’t be as depressing as Batman v Superman na sana tinawag nalang nilang “Batman v Superman: Mama’s Boys.”

First thing you’ll notice is that the trailer for this movie alone already seems to be more fun than the entirety of BvS. Hindi rin as brooding si Ben Affleck dito and you can see a bit of the suave of his Bruce Wayne persona as he recruits the potential members of the Justice League. It definitely looks promising but a trailer is still only a trailer so who knows. Baka mamaya malaman natin sa dulo parehas nanaman ng pangalan yung mga nanay nila kaya sila nagsama sama. Mapapa-mura ulit yung kaibigan ko.

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