Our Mondays have definitely become a lot less exciting ever since the sixth season of Game of Thrones came to a close. And as if the 10-month wait wasn’t already agonizing enough, the word on the internet is that the airing of the next season will be delayed because “winter didn’t come“. So how do you keep yourselves occupied as you wait for the inevitable Daenerys-Cersei catfight? You can try out other TV shows of course! There are a lot of quality TV shows out there that definitely deserve your attention. Think of it this way: dahil yung focus mo na kay Anne Curtis lang hindi mo napansin yung mga kaibigan niyang hot. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy?

And this picture illustrates perfectly what my point is: that Anne Curtis is hot and she has an equally hot set of friends.

Here are five TV shows that you should check out while you wait for the next season of Game of Thrones:

1. Marco Polo

A TV series about a man with 7,000 concubines is sure to feature a lot of nudity.

The show tells the story of the famed-traveler Marco Polo during his time as a member of Kublai Khan’s court. Though the title is named after him, the real star of the show is Kublai Khan played by Benedict Wong. Like Game of Thrones, it deals with political intrigue, scandals, and gratuitous nudity. But don’t go in expecting it to be a Game of Thrones clone just because though they are both epics. Marco Polo is far less complex and more straightforward, which can be a good thing if you prefer your shows that way. If you enjoy Game of Thrones for the sword fights and the nudity, definitely check this out.

2. Outcast

Contrary to what the picture suggests, the show is not about something with a bad migraine.

From the same creator as the hit tv-series The Walking Dead comes Outcast, the new show that will keep you up at night. Outcast is about the story of Kyle Barnes, a man being haunted by demons all his life. (Akala mo mabigat na problema mo ano?) The show deals with his search to find answers and in the process will have him encounter demons that strangely enough only he alone can vanquish. What makes him so special is something that you have to find out for yourself. If you like Game of Thrones for it’s supernatural storyline as well as its gruesome scenes, Outcast is for you.

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