If you’re an AlDub fan, you might have already decided that the movie you’re going to be watching this week is Imagine You & Me. The movie of course is headlined by Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza who are otherwise known to non-Filipinos as “those two people you see on billboards everywhere.” But to those who are looking for something else to watch, it might be worth your while to give Dukot a shot. It’s the latest film from director Paul Soriano, who most Filipinos might know as “that guy who married Toni Gonzaga.” However it would be unfair to label him as only that because he has proven time and again that he’s a capable filmmaker. He’s able to do so again in Dukot.

Dukot is based on the story of a real-life kidnapping in Metro Manila. In the movie, Carlo (played by Enrique Gil) is a son of a middle-class Customs official who gets kidnapped by a group of criminals. It’s up to his family to find a way to release him from this terrible ordeal. Dukot boasts of a star-studded cast with veteran actors such as Ricky Davao (who plays Carlo’s father) and Christopher de Leon (in the role of a benevolent kidnapper) co-headlining the movie. Shaina Magdayao and Bing Pimentel play the roles of Carlo’s sister and mother, respectively, while Alex and Ping Medina, Bangs Garcia, and Dino Pastrano round up the group of kidnappers.

Dukot 0b
Seeing the Medina brothers endlessly bully Enrique Gil is almost worth the price of admission.

The movie gives us a harrowing look into the experiences of those involved in a kidnapping—the victims as well as the perpetrators. But while the story is pretty straightforward, it was done in a tone and a style that we haven’t seen so much in local movies. When you watch a movie from Star Cinema, don’t they all look similar? If Marvel movies have their Marvel Cinematic Universe, it wouldn’t be a stretch to suggest that there’s a Star Cinema Cinematic Universe. This film is the exception. I don’t know whether Paul Soriano did this on purpose or not, butDukot looks very similar to the crime movies by Hollywood directors Michael Mann and Tony Scott. It’s grittier and darker, and it works to set the tone for the film.

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7.5/10 A well-directed suspense thriller about a real-life kidnapping. Nice to see an actor like Enrique Gil finally show off his acting skills. 


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