Game of Thrones is one of the few shows that has the ability to make you feel a smorgasbord of emotions. From sadness, to fear, to excitement, to anger, and maybe even arousal to some people. (No judgment, guys. Whatever floats your boat) But there were many moments during this season that made us think to ourselves, “Is Jon Snow talking about my life right now? Because that’s exactly how I feel!” It might be weird to be able to relate to to a show about dragons, murder, and betrayal but sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction, right?

Here are a few moments on the show that felt TOO real for us:


We’ve all had that mini heartache before haven’t we? Tapos nakatira ka sa Marikina at ang meeting sa Makati. Patay!


Then you become even more late because Waze decided that today would be the perfect time to not work properly.


And you decided to skip breakfast because you were already running late but EDSA is once again a parking lot.


And you swear in that moment that you and her were infinite.


So you promise to take the MRT next time but then you encounter your everyday #MRTPROBLEMS


And you come home to your house looking like you pretended to be a casualty of the Metro Manila Shake Drill.


Sunset party at White House in the afternoon and then Epic at night? Then do it all over again the next day. Your liver must really like you.


But you spend most of your weekends like this anyway. Tumawag na ng Uber yung atay mo, lalayas na daw siya.


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