The finale for the sixth season of Game of Thrones recently just aired and it’s everything we hoped and feared it would be. If you were doubting if HBO could ever top the much talked about “Battle of Bastards” episode, then clearly you haven’t learned anything in the last six years of watching Game of Thrones. This season’s finale might go down as one of the best ones yet. I know we always talk about how each latest episode is the best one. Pero wala tayong magagawa ganun talaga ang Game of Thrones e! The show is like Leonardo DiCaprio and his revolving door of model girlfriends, each one is just better than the last. That’s just the way it is.

If you wanted more members, maybe you shouldn’t include carving a 7-point star on the forehead as a requirement.

This show has made us realize a lot of things about ourselves this season. I didn’t know I could care about a mass-murdering giant named Wun Wun before this show. I didn’t know that I could find incest between brother and sister even remotely romantic before this show. (For the record I still don’t by the way, pero minsan nakakalimutan mong magkapatid si Jaime and Cersei di ba?)

Here we’ll rank the events that happened on the show from least to most shocking. And in an episode where almost every scene had a shocking moment na kahit mga pinakamachong lalaki napapa-“OMG! OMG! OMG!”, you have to believe that that’s really hard to do. But since the last episode was so good, we’ll do it anyway.

1. Daenerys Rejects Daario

Admit it, for a minute there you really thought they’d kiss.

As she prepares to attack Westeros, Daenerys meets with Daario and flat out tells him that he’s not coming with her as she crosses Westeros. She’s expecting that she might need to marry someone from a strong family in Westeros for the sake of politics and alliances. You can literally hear Daario running out of air as he hears this. Imagine if you’d been with Kate Upton before she became famous. But just when you thought that things are starting to look up and you’re about to tell everyone that you’re dating a Sports Illustrated model, she suddenly dumps you. Sakit di ba? But it’s hard to feel bad for him though. You were the lover of the most desirable woman in all of the Seven Kingdoms. Just thank the old gods and the new, and move on.

But seems like Daario is on to something. He blames Tyrion for suggesting this to Daenerys and he’s actually not wrong about it. Afterwards we see Daenerys and Tyrion share a tender moment as Daenerys pins on his chest the symbol for the Hand of the King. (In this case, queen.) Ako lang ba o parang merong hint of romance going on in that scene? Will that lead to anything though?

Chances of Tyrion and Daenerys hooking up next season: Slim. Khaleesi needs to marry someone from a great family. Wait, Tyrion is still a Lannister after all right? I take it back! Not slim! May chamba tong si Tyrion ah!

You can read the rest of the article here.


10/10. Perfect ending to one of the best seasons, if not the best season, ofGame of Thrones we’ve had so far. Season 7 can’t come soon enough!

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