This week’s episode of Game of Thrones might be the biggest one yet for this season. And having already seen Jon Snow comeback from the dead and Daenerys rain hell fire and brimstone on a group of unsuspecting khals, that really says a lot. There were quite a few revelations this week. And if you’re reading this and you’ve already seen the latest episode then you know exactly what I mean. As always before I begin I have to mention that there are spoilers ahead so if hindi ka updated sa Game of Thrones, I recommend that you click on the “x” button on your browser before it’s too late.

Otherwise, fasten your seat belts everyone and prepare your rolls of tissue because we’re going on a feels trip.

Only thing left for Sansa to do was to make fun of his “littlefinger”.

Sansa might be ready to take back the North for her own.

Sansa receives a letter from Littlefinger asking her to meet him at a nearby town. So punta naman si Ate Sansa along with Brienne who for the record if kukuha ka ng bodyguard sa mundo ng GoT you probably can’t do any better than her. Parang kung kasama ko si Brienne sa kahit anong madilim na eskenita ako pa yung maghahamon ng away sa mga tambay e. Ang mas matindi lang kay Brienne at this point ay si the Mountain pero literal na Frankenstein naman na yun na ginagawang ubas yung mga bungo ng mga taong lasing. But going back, Sansa meets up with Littlefinger and proceeds to embarrass him kahit pa sinabi niya na he’s willing to fight for her. Finally sinabi ni Sansa na ayaw na niyang makita ulit si Littlefinger na matagal na nating hinihintay na gawin niya. Pero bago pa natin siya masabihan ng “you go girl!” pinaalala sa kanya ni Littlefinger na half-brother niya lang si Jon Snow and it’s his army not hers. He then proceeds to tell her that Blackfish’s army could help them. But while discussing their plans to take back the North hindi sinabi ni Sansa kay Jon kung kanino nanggaling yung info niya about Blackfish’s army.

So ano bang relevance nito? Bakit tinatago ni Sansa kay Jon yun? Ano kayang angle ni Sansa dito gusto ba niya na siya yung maging ruler ng Winterfell eventually? Kasi hindi naman malayong suportahan ni Littlefinger si Sansa tapos magpakasal sila diba? Farfetched siguro pero weirder things have happened in Westeros. They live in a world with dragons, zombies, and where twins make incest-babies that ascend the throne. And in a show filled with sneaky bastards, Littlefinger would be the sneakiest. Okay na yung feel-good moment ni Jon and Sansa last time e! Don’t screw this up Sansa!

White Walker starter pack: blue contact lens, white hair dye, rage, immortality.

We finally know where the White Walkers came from.

So in one of Bran’s flashbacks, it was revealed how White Walkers came to be. Apparently yung mga weird looking forest-nymph creatures na kung tawagin ay “The Children of the Forest” led by a certain “Leaf” (who is the Beyonce to their Destiny’s Child) ang may kasalanan kung bakit nagkaron ng White Walkers. Sasaksakin mo lang pala sila nung parang arrowhead or blade na ginamit ni Samwell Tarly para pumatay ng White Walker noon tapos magiging blue yung mata nila at may White Walker ka na. Ganun lang kasimple mas mahirap pa palang magluto ng cup noodles! Nung tanungin sila ni Bran kung bakit nila ginawa yun, ang sabi nung malignong hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ay ginawa daw nila yun para labanan ang mga tao. Apparently these elf-like creatures were worshippers of the old gods and preserved their spirits inside trees. But men started chopping the trees down thus all men must die. (Nope you didn’t miss anything, I didn’t get that info from the show nabasa ko lang yan somewhere)

Well effective nga naman yung White Walkers kasi efficient naman talaga silang pumatay ng tao. Since the first season we’ve always known that we should fear White Walkers but we understood very little about them. Ngayon kahit papaano alam na natin paano sila nag simula. Pero maiisip mo lang tama bang solusyon yung White Walkers sa problema nila? Para silang gumagamit ng flamethrower para pumatay ng ipis e. Ngayon pati sila di na nila mapigilan. Loko rin tong “the Children” na to e noh?

Imbiyerna si Varys sa bagong dress ni Kinvara.

There’s a new witch in town.

Yup, seems like someone’s gonna challenge Melisandre’s throne when it comes to creepiness and gratuitous nudity. Trying to come up with ways to strengthen their position and to maintain peace in Khaleesi’s kingdom, Tyrion enlists the help of Kinvara who is another red priestess like Melisandre. Apparently discriminating si lord of light at kailangan magandang chicks ka para maging priestess. Hindi ko alam kung may pageant sila para diyan at kung may swimsuit portion pa yung pagpili ng high priestess but when you remember how Melisandre looks like without the necklace, the same necklace that Kinvara is shown to be wearing, magbabago ang idea mo sa swimsuit competition.

But is this a good idea though? Melisandre has been of help kay Stannis sure, but let’s admit that she has actually done more harm than good. Won’t this idea eventually backfire on Tyrion and company? How will Daenerys feel about this when she finally comes back? Saan ba nagshoshopping si Kinvara at Melisandre at bakit parehas na parehas sila ng suot? May “red priestess” collection ba ang Karimadon?


Tormund ❤ Brienne forever.

It’s all over the internet. (Of course when I say the internet I actually mean sites that are into these sorts of things) I noticed the look Tormund gave Brienne from the last episode but chose to ignore it because I couldn’t wrap my head around it. But apparently other people noticed it too and this week we were rewarded with more Briemund/Torienne moments like the one above. Here’s what Gwendolyn Christie who plays Brienne had to say about it: “I enjoyed Brienne being put in that position of feeling awkward and not wanting the attention. That was a very fun thing to play,” she said. “He’s a wildling, he’s very sensual and animal-like and very forthright with his emotions and feelings — which is really the opposite of [Brienne]. […] She can totally deal with the situation, and with him, but she’s just so embarrassed about it.”

So you didn’t just imagine it. It’s real. There’s something there. I guess this is what Rihanna meant when she sang the words “we found love in a hopeless place” two warriors who found love with a wall that serves to protect them from frozen zombies as their backdrop. Just imagine their fights pag naging sila talaga. You think that Jon and Ygritte’s dynamic was messed up? Abangan mo pag nag wrestling si Brienne and Tormund pag di sila makadecide kung saan sila mag didinner.


The storyline you least cared about finally made sense.

You’re probably wondering why we keep going back to the Iron Islands. Laging basa, laging makulimlim, mukha talagang malungkot na lugar. Kulang na lang maramdaman mo yung alat nung hangin tuwing nasa Iron Islands ang eksena e. It is by and large a pretty unremarkable place. But why do we keep coming back to it? Well we finally found out the answer in this episode. Yara Greyjoy makes a claim for the throne with Theon throwing his weight behind her. But they get blindsided by their uncle Euron Greyjoy who also wants the throne and proceeds to make penis jokes at Theon’s expense and promises that change is coming. (Nope, doesn’t sound a familiar at all)

So Euron wins the “elections” and apparently his plan is to seduce Daenerys with his ships, become her husband, invade Westeros together and claim the throne for himself. Ambisyoso si kuya, gusto na maging hari may Daenerys pa. But we’ve seen before that Khaleesi isn’t above marrying for convenience so this is not impossible. Pero may konting sabit yung plano ni Euron because Theon and Yara proceeds to steal his ships habang naglalaro si Euron ng patagalan huminga sa ilalim ng tubig. As usual since Game of Thrones to, ang solusyon ni Euron ay habulin at patayin sila. Ang tanong, saan pupunta si Theon and Yara ngayon? They are literally homeless so kanino nila ooffer ang services nila? The only logical answer would be the Starks. Pero sabi nga nila parati, “The North remembers” and it wasn’t too long ago that Theon did nasty things to the North as well. We’ll see.

“Taas na nga kamay ko sayo e! Palagay ko nga mahal na kita e! Maging sino ka man!” was not what he said in this scene.

Jorah FINALLY admits his love for Daenerys.

Finally! FINALLY! Nagkaron rin ng lakas ng loob si lolo Jorah na umamin ng pagmamahal niya kay Daenerys. Took him long enough. Took him all of six seasons to be precise. It must have been hard for him to always be around her and seeing her with other men. Always seeing her naked but knowing that he can never have her. Para siyang taga handa ng merienda sa naked shoot ng mga models ng FHM. Andun ka nga pero hanggang tingin ka lang. Kain ka na lang ng sandwich di ba?

It’s a bit tragic that it took Jorah this long bago siya umamin kay Khaleesi. He’s been banished twice already before Daenerys had a change of heart about him. At kailangan pa na magkaron ng malubhang sakit ni Jorah bago mangyari yun. You can’t blame her though, Jorah was planning to kill her in the beginning before he had a change of heart as well. But you have to admire Khaleesi. I mean sure she massacres people at least once per season pero pag tiningnan mo yung cast of characters ng show, siya talaga yung pinaka-may puso e. “Gobyernong may puso” talaga ang slogan nitong taong to e! Pinalaya yung mga slaves, pinalaya yung mga unsullied. It’s starting to feel more and more like Daenerys will eventually take the Iron Throne. It just feels somewhat prophetic nung sinabi niya na she wants Jorah by her side when she finally takes the 7 kingdoms. Who knows, baka magamot si Jorah at maging sila diba? Is that pairing really unlikely? Paalala lang ulit, incest-babies care of the incest twins.

He held the door.


So we’re finally here. This part feels like writing a eulogy because you wanna give it justice and not screw it up. A bit dramatic oo, pero sa dinami-dami ng deaths sa Game of Thrones, this one had to be one if not the most emotional. Sure the Red Wedding was shocking. Ned Stark’s death was out of the blue. We had rumors that Jon was gonna die so nabawasan na yung pagka-shock natin. But Hodor.. Hodor… Damn you, George RR Martin!

Each time nauuna ako maunod ng Game of Thrones sa bahay, niloloko ko yung pamilya ko kung sinong namatay and I almost always say Hodor. Because Hodor is a running joke. A guy who says nothing but “hodor”? A guy who shows his penis for no reason? (Wag mo na Google kung di mo naaalala, it really happened) He’s supposed to be a joke! Who cares if he dies, right? We always wondered why his vocabulary was so limited and we had our theories but little did we know that the joke was on us.

So the story starts out with Bran waking up tapos makikita niya na yung mga kasama niya natutulog pa. So since lumpo siya at nasa loob siya ng kweba, ano nga naman gagawin mo para libangin sarili mo di ba? Ngumuya ng ugat ng puno? Batuhin si Three-Eyed Raven? (Ginawa nga pala niya yun.) Kaya ginawa na lang niya yung version niya ng panunuod ng TV kaya nag “warg” siya. So habang naka-warg siya nakita niya yung army ng White Walkers pero hindi niya alam nakikita rin pala siya nitong mga to at nahawakan siya nung leader ng mga White Walkers kaya nalaman kung nasaan sila and they are now coming to get him.

Really, Bran? Really?! Hindi ka pa natuto na masyado kang usisero noon kaya ka nalumpo?! Tapos nung tinanong ka ni Three-Eyed Raven kung nahawakan ka magsisinungaling ka pa?! Nang-aano ka e ha! Nang-aano ka! So the White Walkers eventually come to the cave, and it didn’t take very long for them to find Bran. Although I was wondering why they didn’t leave right away nung nalaman nilang detected na sila. Bakit pa nila hinintay tapos naka-warg pa si Bran pag dating nila? But anyway, so ganun nga naka-warg si Bran pinapanuod yung kabataan ng tatay niya habang nakakapasok na yung White Walkers sa loob nung cave nila. Sinusubukang gisingin ni Meera si Hodor para tulungan siyang buhatin si Bran pero nagpapanic-attack na si Hodor so humihingi ng tulong si Meera kay Bran na kausapin si Hodor. (Sobrang stressful nung buhay ni Meera nung mga panahong yun lalong kumulot yung buhok niya) Bran finally does control Hodor so they proceed with their escape at tumatakbo sila palabas ng tunnel. They finally reach “the door” and that’s when we finally found out why Hodor only said “hodor”. And we somehow wished we never did.

It’s one of the most tragic deaths in Game of Thrones because Hodor was the most innocent in the show. Pero sabi nga ni Jaqen, “does death only come for the wicked and leave the decent behind?” It was sad because it turns out that Hodor’s life served only one purpose and that was to save the life of someone who was supposed to be more important. And the reason that he had to suffer a life of limited vocabulary and intellect is exactly because of this person that he was destined to save.

So this leaves us with a few questions going forward. First of all, sino na mag-aalaga kay Bran? I don’t think Meera can carry him all throughout.  Secondly, can you imagine if Meera was shouting something else in her panic habang tumatakbo sila? Paano kung “P*t*ngina mo, Bran! P*t*ngina mo, Bran!” yung sinisigaw niya sobrang nag-iba siguro nung dynamic ni Bran at ni “Tangnamobran” di ba? Third, the mark is still on Bran right? So may tracking device pa rin yung White Walkers sa kanya? Fourth, how will this affect Bran moving forward? We can only guess that the guilt will weigh on him and he’ll start to be more mature about his actions in the future. Lastly, how will this affect me in the future?  Tingin ko everytime papasok ako ng elevator tapos may maghahawak ng pinto para sa akin maluluha ako at sasabihin sa kanya in a very soft voice:

“Thank you, Hodor. Thank you.”

10/10: Best episode of the season by far. One of the most emotional episodes ever.

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