There are many tragic stories in the world of Westeros. There’s the burnt face of the Hound at the hands of his brother the Mountain (na nasa shortlist ng mga possible names ng mga magiging anak ko in the future). There’s the tragic demise of Theon’s “playmates” at the hands of Ramsay (a fate worse than death for most men, myself included). There’s Tywin Lannister sleeping around with Tyrion’s girlfriend (which is all kinds of messed up but as far as storytelling goes is awesome). But I think none are more tragic than the stories of Ned Stark and his family. Hindi ko alam kung nanunuod si Taylor Swift ng Game of Thrones pero hindi ako magugulat kung may magsabi na sinulat niya yung kantang “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” with the Starks in mind.


From the untimely deaths of Ned, Robb, and Catelyn Stark; to the rape and abuse of Sansa by Ramsay and Joffrey (collectively known as the Spawns of Satan); to Arya going blind and to Bran going limp; I think it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that nothing has gone right for the Starks since the first episode of the first season of Game of Thrones. Yeah you could probably argue na swerte naman si Jon Snow kasi he came back from the dead. But the guy has been stabbed more times than he’s gotten laid in the whole 6 seasons of the show so masasabi mo pa bang swerte siya? Tyrion has had more fun in one episode than Jon has in 6 seasons.


Kaya nakakatuwa na sa latest episode ng Game of Thrones called “Book of the Stranger”, things FINALLY go right for the Starks with Jon and Sansa’s reunion. After a lot of close calls in the past SA WAKAS may nagkita na rin sa magkakamag-anak na to! Pero since Game of Thrones to at hindi 7th Heaven, siyempre hindi pwedeng masayang pamilya agad. They soon receive a letter from Ramsey telling them that he has Rickon. And as is usually the case with Ramsay, the letter lovingly ends with threats of rape and brutality in the trademark Bolton-style with an invitation to “come see”. So pasensya ka na pareng Rickon pero mukhang deliks ang meatballs mo. (Kung kelan naman nag-binata na siya di ba?)

But you’ll probably notice na ngayon nagbago na si Sansa! Typically naive and timid, she’s actually the one prodding a reluctant Jon Snow and his man-bun to take back Winterfell from the Boltons. It took a lot of raping and abuse care of her ex-husbands for her to transform but I’m sure kayo rin natutuwa na she’s finally becoming a force to reckon with. Finally nagkaka-balls na si Sansa! Figuratively speaking of course.

But not all reunions are happy ones. Brienne meets Sir Davos again (sabi niya magkakilala na sila but I don’t remember when it happened or if we’ve seen it on the show) and finally meets Melissandre, the mother of the demon cloud that killed Renly Baratheon. It doesn’t take her long to declare na siya naman yung pumatay kay Stannis. I have to say that the scene where she confronts them was awesomely awkward. You do you, Brienne. You do you.


Littlefinger’s well-manicured douchestache and the breast-feeding wimpy kid finally shows up in this episode as well! Siguro naisip nung mga showrunners na nasosobrahan na tayo ng pagka-irita kay Ramsay Bolton lately so kailangan spread out ng konti at magpakita ng mga characters na nakakairita. We last saw Petyr Baelish when he gave away Sansa to Ramsey a move which I didn’t get back then. Akala ko ba type niya si Sansa? Did he know what he was setting Sansa up for or hindi siya aware na may sayad si Ramsey? Anyway this season pinakita na tumanda na si Robin Arynn na boob-sucking brat from a few seasons ago. He’s now the titular head of the House Arryn, with his uncle Petyr Baelish as the Lord Protector of the Vale. And because he’s a moron, Littlefinger essentially now controls the Vale and will try to pry Winterfell away from the Boltons. E yun rin ang plano nila Sansa di ba? So another reunion seems to be coming up this time between Sansa and her creepy uncle-figure.

As for Ramsay Bolton, he gave us another reason to hate him this week when he stabbed Osha on her neck. Hindi naman exactly nakakagulat na papatayin siya ni Ramsay pero since matagal na natin siyang hindi nakikita, I was expecting her to last for more than an episode and a half. Now with Osha dead, mag-isa na talaga si Rickon so talagang delikado na yung mga siomai niya. My dislike for Ramsey has been well-documented in the past and this may sound weird to some but he’s actually starting to grow on me. The character is a good villain e. But I think acting-wise, Jack Gleeson as Joffrey is still the better actor. Si Ramsay nakakainis kasi ang sama nung mga ginagawa niya. Si Joffrey kahit walang gawin nakakairita na e. My thoughts on this might change as the show progresses so tingnan na lang natin.

And finally we have Daenerys Targaryen. The First of Her Name, Queen of Meereen, Queen of the Andals and the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, Mother of Dragons. But let’s call her “Dany” for short kunwari close natin siya. You have to admire someone who keeps a straight face while hearing all the terrible things men want to do to her. Parang mga celebrities lang na nag-popost ng mga bikini pics sa Instagram. Nakita mo na ba yung mga comments ng mga tao dun? Mawawalan ka ng faith sa humanity. I can’t imagine na natutuwa si Angel Locsin basahin yung pagnanasa ng sanlalakihan sa cleavage niya. Konting control guys ah!

But I digress. Last time we saw Dany iniwan siya sa custody ng mga biyuda ng khals. You knew she had something up her sleeve kasi she never showed any signs of panic. She just kept her cool without losing that smug expression on her face. Yung expression na sinasabing “humanda kayong lahat mga hayup kayo nalalabi na ang mga oras niyo.” And in this episode, we finally saw what she had planned for the khals. I think you’ll agree that the ending of this episode was one of the most glorious moments of Dany so far. And she has had a lot of them. If there’s anything we’ve learned from watching Game of Thrones, it’s that you don’t f*ck with the Khaleesi. This episode was no different. By the end of the show we wanted to bow down to her as well. Can you blame Jorah for going nuts over her?


Yes. Yes, you may. Easy lang Jorah ah medyo dumi-D.O.M. na ang dating mo!

Verdict: 9/10. One word: KHALEESI.


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    1. Hi Marionne, the thing about Game of Thrones is that there’s just so many interesting characters and storylines to talk about so for the sake of brevity I try to focus on the major events per episode. But I’m sure something will come up for Margaery and Lady Olenna soon enough since they are both awesome. And since you’re so nice about it, I’ll try my best to say something about them next week so watch out for that. Thank you for reading! 🙂


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