Every once in a while I’ll ask people to write their own reviews para naman may ibang perspective. Right now we have my friend Nicco, a Filipino banker currently based in Singapore. I’m Team Iron Man, he’s Team Cap. I’d kick his ass for disagreeing with me but in a world where both of us don’t have superpowers, he has bigger muscles. Sadly, that’s the only world we have.


Okay, this is a “versus guest post” kasi yung theme nga naman is dalawang taong nag aaway dahil may difference of opinion. Well, unang una, I have to agree na this is the best MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) movie so far. Actually, sa ngayon yung top two ko puro Cap na: 1) Civil War, 2) Winter Soldier, 3) Avengers. Iron Man, only the first was good, tapos exponentially worse from there. Thor… ewan. I didn’t even like Guardians of the Galaxy (please don’t hate me). Pero Civil War, Marvel did something I always thought they were scared to do: take things a bit more seriously. Fine, sa movie gusto mo enjoy ka, pero sa MCU sobra minsan. Yung extreme example ng “Marvlefication” (patent pending) is Guardians of the Galaxy. Walang katapusan na quips at hirit, to the point na nakakasira ng flow ng movie. Yung ending pa na sumasayaw siya para mang distract.

Ok, you probably don’t like me very much by now. Pero tingin ko lang kasi yung ginagawa nila, saving the world, saving lives, deserves some seriousness. And that’s what Civil War finally did. Kahit normal ka na tao, makakapag joke joke ka pa ba while billions of lives are counting on you to win? It was an acknowledgement of the scale and weight of their actions. Na kung magkamali sila, nations fall and people die. Other than the movie themes/topics, napaka epic talaga ng action sequences. I didn’t think a coordinated fight of 21 heroes could be done so fluidly and enjoyably. Hanga talaga ako sa Russo brothers, first for Winter Soldier and now Civil War.

On the Iron Man vs Cap and Bucky brofest, I went into the movie as Team Cap (with matching t-shirt!) kasi si Iron Man yung KJ, which to me made absolutely no sense kasi siya yung laid back, witty, funny guy of the Avengers. Lagi na siya may mentality of do anything and anyone (any three?) na gusto niya.

Tapos ngayon biglang siya nagsasabi ng “teka lang.. time out”. Needless to say, this movie surprised me again. Ang ganda and plausible nung steady progression niya (since Iron Man one to Civil War) from Van Wilder into who he is. Halos parang Walter White to Heisenberg, pero in the opposite direction. And he really made a lot of sense sa point niya on checks and balances and even to his emotional motivation sa ending. It almost made me go Team Iron Man. Almost. Kasi pag pinag isipan mo Team Cap yung tama and, yes, it’s all about Bucky. Kasi at the end of the day, sabi nga ni Black Panther, Bucky was the victim here. Siya yung nawalan ng buhay, utak, at ginawang tuta ng Hydra. He didn’t want to do all those things. To say he was manipulated or brainwashed doesn’t even convey yung ginawa sa kanya. Kung pinatay ni Iron Man si Bucky at that emotional moment, maiisip niya eventually na mali siya. Kasi alam niya na walang mag babago and hindi naman talaga si Bucky pumatay sa magulang niya. It’s killing the puppet when you want the puppet master. So Cap was saving Bucky and at the same time saving Tony from doing something that he would regret.

Seriously, why is Vision even bothering with clothes? Para mag mukhang normal? E purple mukha niya e!

Tapos yung Accords na excited si Tony pirmahan. Hindi naman kasalanan ng Avengers na merong Hydra. Hindi nila kasalanan tarantado si Loki with daddy issues. When a fireman tries to save people from a burning building, kasalanan ba niya na may sunog? Behind the 4th wall, tingin ko pinipilit lang ng writers yung ganyan na narrative para masabing galit yung mundo sa heroes. Kasi sa totoong buhay, kung meron mga tao tulad nila doing the kind of good work they do, wala naman magagalit eh. But I digress. Tama si Cap. You save as many people as you can, even if it doesn’t mean everybody. Kung sa UN naman sila, walang mangyayari at wala na silang gagawin. Sumali na lang si Vision sa Master Chef para may magawa naman siya.

So ano na yan? Captain America – 2  Iron Man – 0. In the end, yung brilliance ng movie na to was making me understand Iron Man’s side. Hindi to good vs evil. It’s really a story of good vs good. And that is a bitch to pull off, but they did it. Practically flawlessly. Cap will fight because he really is right, but I understand where Tony is coming from, so much so that I expect nothing less than for him to put up a fight as well. Pareho silang may point. The mistake would be to stand down and not fight for what either of them believes in.

If you’re wondering, no his breasts are not fake. Mas gifted pa siya kay Black Widow. He’s that perfect.

Pero sa totoo lang, yung mas pinanggagalingan ng Cap vs Iron Man is the too perfect vs flawed righteousness. Mas magandang representation ng tension na to yung Batman vs Superman (which, as a DC fan, I prefer to think of as a beautiful mess). May natural tendency to hate Cap/Superman kasi they’re too perfect. And we tend to hate perfection. Why? Because it’s impossible to achieve. Like I always say, deep down everyone wants to be like Superman, but the best anyone can ever really hope for is Batman. In a way, ganyan din yung ultimate tension ng Civil War. Idealism vs Realism. And it will always be debatable.

Kahit puro away ang usapan dito, I think we can all agree on one thing:



Verdict: 8/10

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